Eli Clayton and Taylor Robertson

Electronic Arts, the Canada based maker of Madden NFL and NBA Live video games, has announced a contribution of $1 million to the victims of the mass shooting in Jacksonville last weekend.

Gamers Eli “Trueboy” Clayton, left, and Taylor Robertson, right, were killed when a disgruntled gamer opened fire during a Madden NFL 19 satellite qualifier tournament in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday.

The $1 million check will be split between the families of Clayton, Robertson, and 10 other people who were wounded during the attack at GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville Landing on Sunday.

“The events last weekend in Jacksonville will impact the gaming community forever,” EA said on its website. “We can”t begin to understand the pain so many are going through, nor do we pretend to have all the answers that will help us through the healing process.”

Additionally, EA said it will create a fund, called “Jacksonville Tribute,” so that others can donate to the families and victims.

David Katz, 24, a video gamer who also participated in the tournament, killed himself after targeting other gamers. He was reportedly upset after losing a game. The two players he lost to were not injured in the mass shooting.

A Florida lawyer is representing some of the victims in the attack. The lawyer did not name the victims or the amount he will seek for the victims. The lawsuit will be filed this week.