Jermaine Dupri

Beyonce and JAY-Z aren’t the only stars plagued by slow concert ticket sales. Apparently music producer Jermaine Dupri is also struggling to sell tickets to his So So Def 25th Anniversary tour.

The 45-year-old label owner posted an image of himself holding a white baby. He captioned the image “#3” — an obvious reference to the number of children he sired.

Social media users immediately called him out for trolling them. JD has 2 daughters: college premed student Shaniah Mauldin, 20, and Jalynn Mauldin, 7, whose mothers are Black women. So JD has a type.

Celebrities often “troll” their social media followers when they are attempting to promoting an album, movie project or concert tour. But social media users are growing more savvy and less likely to fall for stunts.


# 3

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