Safaree Samuels

Instagram rapper Safaree Samuels has created the #RayJHatChallenge which pokes fun at reality star (and part-time singer) Ray J, whose beanie hat kept moving around on his head during a one-minute conversation he had with Safaree on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.

Safaree and Ray J

Clearly the scene between Ray J and Safaree took a lot longer than one minute to shoot.

Scripted reality TV shows are filmed with multiple takes, and there is much room for continuation errors. Such errors are usually caught and the scenes are re-shot. But it’s likely that the producers left this scene in the show for laughs and giggles.

After the clip from the show went viral on social media, Safaree mocked Ray J and his hat by launching a new challenge. It’s silly, but so is every other social media “challenge” that doesn’t require rubbing 2 brain cells together.