Drake, Yung Miami

Drake is doing everything he can to make the public forget about his inappropriate contact with young girls. The 31-year-old rapper partied with a woman of legal age in New Orleans on Tuesday.

Drake posted a video on his Instagram Stories that shows him partying with City Girl singer Yung Miami, 24.

The Canadian rapper came under scrutiny when 14-year-old “Stranger Things” actress Millie Bobby Brown said he texted her “all the time” and told her he missed her.

Then came word that he gave an 11-year-old heart patient an $1100 iPhone so she could “keep in contact” with him.

Drake abruptly cancelled two concerts during the Miami stop of his Aubrey and the Three Amigos Tour on Friday. He stated he was seriously ill and round-the-clock care from 2 doctors and a nurse in his hotel room.

Then came word that Drake actually suffered an emotional breakdown after pedo rumors about him circulated online and within the music industry.

Drake denied that he suffered an emotional break. He offered up a different excuse for cancelling the concerts: he claimed he suffered from a serious case of the flu.

Drake claimed 2 doctors administered intravenous fluids and medications while a nurse watched over him.

Here’s why we don’t believe Drake: no doctors who values their medical licenses would administer IV fluids and IV medications in a hotel room without first confirming that the patient actually had a case of the flu.

A flu diagnosis requires lab tests which are performed in hospital labs — not hotel rooms. The doctors would have no way of diagnosing Drake or determining whether Drake was sick with the flu or pneumonia, which requires different treatment.

Then there is Drake’s miraculous recovery.

Your auntie had the flu in my 20s. I did not require 2 doctors and a nurse hovering over me and pumping me with fluids. But if I did, I would not be well enough to hop onstage 3 days later and party with anyone afterwards.

If Drake didn’t have inappropriate contact with children, he wouldn’t have to tell all these lies. I really like Drake, but the recent revelations involving his personal life are worrisome.