Pooch Hall and son

Actor Pooch Hall was arrested for driving under the influence after an officer spotted his car weaving through traffic with his 2-year-old son behind the wheel.

Hall told the officer he let his toddler take the wheel because he was “too drunk” to drive.

Hall, 44, was arrested Wednesday night in Burbank California. He is a resident of Sherman Oaks, CA.

A Burbank police officer spotted Hall’s Chrysler sedan weaving in and out of traffic on Wednesday night.

The cop noticed the driver had a baby on his lap, and the baby was gripping the wheel and in control of the vehicle.

Police pulled Hall’s car over, and he blew a .25 on the breathalyzer, which is more than 3 times the legal limit.

Hall was arrested and booked for child endangerment and DUI. Other charges are pending review by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, according to the NY Daily News.

Hall’s son was released into his wife Linda’s custody.

Hall is best known for his role as a sensitive quarterback married to a domineering med school wife (played by Tia Mowry) on the BET scripted TV series “The Game”. The series ran from October 2006 through August 5, 2015.