Rihanna and Drake

Before Drake dropped a baby off in a random groupie, the R&B Aristocrat was eager to start a family with Bajan singer Rihanna.

In an interview with HBO’s The Shop, Drake said he was eager to fulfill his fantasy to settle down with Rihanna and start a family. But she didn’t share his enthusiasm.

Drake pursued Rihanna and made sure to tip the paparazzi off whenever they went out.

But Rihanna resisted his efforts due to persistent ghey rumors, the fact that he was corny, and stories that he used women like her as beards to conceal his down low lifestyle.

Drake said, “Well I don’t have the fairy tale life like, ‘Oh Drake married Rihanna and it’s so perfect.’ It looked so good on paper!”

The rapper ended up siring a baby boy with a random, and the fairy tale life with a pop/R&B singer still eludes him.

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images