Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin criticized TMZ’s founder, Harvey Levin, whom she claims is a supporter of President Donald Trump. Griffin lashed out at the gossip site in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

In a post on Instagram on Tuesday, the comedienne responded after TMZ boasted that they “break the biggest stories on earth.”

She wrote:

“TMZ says it breaks the biggest stories on earth… really? Name one big Trump story they’ve broken… you can’t. That’s because Harvey Levin is a huge Trump supporter. TMZ will pay for stories, photos, and videos. They should have tons of Trump scoops but Harvey won’t run them.”

Levin, who is openly ghey, supported Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.

Griffin’s followers disagreed with her in the comments section, saying they’ve seen negative stories about Trump on TMZ.

Others suggested Griffin is still bitter after she was blacklisted over her anti-Trump antics.

Do you think TMZ supports President Trump?