Prince Harry & Meghan Markle pregnant

Meghan Markle was under a lot of pressure to get pregnant with her first child after she tied the knot with England’s Prince Harry in May.

The 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex reportedly used a fertility app and kept the Prince on a sex timetable to maximize her chances of getting pregnant.

According to Radar Online, the Duchess downloaded the Aesop Fetrility Clock, which alerted her to the best times to have sex on her most fertile days.

The fertility clock app used details about the start of her menstruation to guesstimate when her ovary releases an egg.
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Meghan was under tremendous pressure to fall pregnant to produce an heir to the throne — even though her child’s chances of ascending to the throne in her lifetime are very slim.

The fertility app sends motivating messages to the user such as “Whoohoo! You’re ovulating!”

Meghan put her husband on a sex timetable when the fertility app signaled her most fertile days of the month.

An insider told Radar, “At first Harry thought it was a li’l bit robotic and unromantic. But they started to turn it into a game and Meghan would tell him: “It’s Aesop time.”

The royal couple announced the baby news on Monday via a press release from Kensington Palace.

The expectant mother bought her unborn child a $6,500 present, engraved with the initials she wants the child to have.

Meghan, who is 15 weeks pregnant, doesn’t yet know the baby’s sex. If the baby is a girl, she will name her Diana. If it’s a boy, she will name him Spencer — after Princess Diana’s surname.

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