Tom Sauer tweet

A former bomb disposal officer and law enforcement officers say a series of bombs sent to the homes of liberals and Democrats are not capable of exploding.

Tom Sauer, a former bomb disposal officer was among the experts who said a “pipe bomb” that was delivered to CNN headquarters in New York City on Wednesday is a hoax.

“A few observations from a bomb disposal officer (I.e. Me),” Sauer tweeted on Wednesday. “1. Proper pipe bombs don’t have wires connected to both ends. That’s dumb.”

Similar hoax “pipe bombs” were found outside the homes of former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, as well as prominent Democrats such as Maxine Waters, George Soros, and actor Robert De Niro.

One law enforcement officer told the NY times investigators were working to determine whether the devices were constructed to look like pipe bombs.

CNN originally said the package containing the “pipe bomb” was mailed to its NY headquarters. But when observers pointed out the lack of postal cancellation marks on the envelopes, CNN changed their story, saying the package was delivered by a private courier.

But CNN did not provide video footage of the package being delivered, nor have they disclosed which courier service delivered the package.

Conservatives say the fake pipe bombs are a last ditch effort by the Democrats to blame President Trump for violence toward Democrats.

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