Stacey Dash and son Austin Dash

Stacey Dash wasted no time taking lawyer Jeffrey Marty off the market when she met him in March. The happy couple secretly tied the knot 10 days later.

Stacey is pictured with her son Austin Dash, 27, at the White House.

Stacey and Jeffrey got married on April 6 in Florida after she withdrew from her campaign to run for Congress in Cali’s 44th District, according to PEOPLE.

Stacey’s manager Kerry Jones tells Page Six the couple wanted to keep the marriage on the down low.

Jeff is best known for creating a parody account for a fictional politician who was the first “congressman” to endorse newly elected President Donald Trump.

Jeff has been a vocal supporter of the president on

This is the third — and quickest — marriage for Stacey, 51, who has 2 adult children.

She was married to producer Brian Lovell in 1999, and she divorced her 2nd husband, Emmanuel Xeureb, in January 2010.

Her eagerness to take herself off the market may be due to her emotional dependency on men.

She has revealed being with physically and emotionally abused by men in the past.

The right-to-bear-arms Republican says a gun saved her life when was sexually assaulted at gunpoint by an abusive ex-boyfriend. She was able to retrieve her weapon and shoot at him, scaring him off.

Photo by Stacey Dash