Viola Davis

Viola Davis reacted to one of the animated memes and GIFs featuring her no-nonsense TV character Annalise Keating. The clip from "How to Get Away with Murder" is one of the most popular memes on the Internet.

In an interview with Will King, Davis laughed when he showed her that GIF on his tablet. "That one I see all the time," she giggled. "I'm always thinking, 'when did I do that?'"

Davis added that Annalise "is not afraid to edit herself; she's not afraid to be unlikeable; she's not afraid to cuss somebody out; she's not afraid to be messy, ugly -- all of those things."

Watch the interview below.

Photo by Gareth Fuller - WPA Pool/Getty Images

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    I guess it's a light news day today, huh?

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    Yeah, seems like it.

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    It's the Blog fav!!

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    That Gif is Iconic......esp on This Here blog.

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    Love her, did yall know she was cousins with Luge Cage's (Mike Colter)?

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    Nope. sure didn't. Thx for the scoop.

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    My honey @TrinHarlem's fave gif lmao

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    I definitely wasn't aware of this. They both got gorgeous Melanin poppin skin.

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    Just saw Naomi Campbell attend the wedding n all l gotta say is dayummmm she did that.

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    I dead ass live for her

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    My girl!

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    Love her!?

    Listen ATL, what's going on with the voting suppression. They're saying the Republicans are putting 53,000 voter registration on hold, which 70% of them belonging to African Americans. Sandra you living in Atlanta, I would have thought you would make a post about this. Stacy Abrams is running after all, and I see these White Republican men are trying to be slick.

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    That's my show!!

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    Agreed. Love that show!

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    Viola Davis is a whole mood, spirit, and life...She has always been gracious and humble...and she can play the hell outta any role given to her....

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    Yes she is! I love her!

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    What you trying to say? That she is an actress? Kudos to you. She is a very good actress, something which seem to be missing in TV and film these days!

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    Aunt Vi looked fierce in that interview... Afro poppin and getting her classy sexy on... I see you!!

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    Viola was a PLEASURE to work with! The most down to earth star of her own show I ever experienced.

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    My favorite meme!! Love Viola too

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    Why hasn't kemp resigned from his Secretary of State job when he decided 2 run for governor. If he loses he will still have a job. White privilege going buck wild.

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    One of favorite talented actresses!

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    She’s so amazing, I really need to just binge the show one weekend.

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    Lol... I love her, although I’m still stuck on s1e7 I’m going to make it through lol

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    What exactly is it that you been dropping little hints here and there for awhile now...Go ahead enlighten us ?

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    She is so beautiful it's good to see her winning.

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    Aunt Vi is a Class Act. One of the best in the bidnez. I lubs me some VD
    I'm Jonezin right now for Annalise...caint wait for tonight

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    I've been asking for the show names so I can check the credits. He been dropping these damn hints everywhere.

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    Viola Davis is a beautiful, talented, and intelligent woman. I love her to pieces! ?

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    If you'll notice @daughterofaqueen @KcoolMuziq is quick to name drop but will never answer anyone when asked what is it that he does or who he is. He just continues to drop names implying that he has worked with almost everybody in the business. I think he just likes to name drop for the hell of it to sound important because otherwise there is absolutely no reason to do it if you can't tie an association to it. IJS.

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    Did you read my post? I guess you had too many happy hour drinks on this Friday? I was actually complimenting you on your comment. Damn, girl, what you on?

    Pssst. Guess what. I'm going to give you a hint. The word "kudos" means in so many words "good job". I was giving you a compliment on doing a good job on describing Viola. Wow and wow. I guess you're not used to anyone saying "good job" unless it's spelled out so it flew over your head. Hmmm. One flew over the cuckoo's nest I see.

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    For years. ?

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    That one is the best! I really enjoy her acting...

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    An extra

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    Then you should be approaching the episode where that meme came from. I remember I cackled when I saw it on tv.

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    I love me some viola davis and AK and how to get away with murder

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    i never saw this one lol

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    he is currently in therapy for name-dropping and i notice he has been getting better because there are at least three posts over the past week or so where he does not name drop. i hope he is not relapsing though.

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    with stacey going head to head from day one, and now they're saying it's "even", them white folk scared as HELL. they will do ANYTHING.

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    I love her!!!! She's not only a great actress but she's a beautiful black successful lady and I wish her nothing but the best in the near future!

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    You were being condescending Hon..."That she is an actress??" I dont take well to condescension and bank handed behavior when the point is made...either way Happy Monday...oh and I dont drink...

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    I love this woman so much!!! Her gifs are LIFE!!!

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    Damn right it's a fantasy of most women.

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    They can only win by cheating, with their inferior asses.

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    That Gif was actually from a Tyler Perry movie...