Kim Kardashian probably wishes she could bottle Kanye West‘s body odor and sell it. The 38-year-old reality star says her husband smells like money.

Kim opened up in an interview about Kanye’s distinctive body odor, which she described as the sweet smell of money “like a rich person.”

“I can’t explain it,” Kim tells The Cut, while promoting her two newest KKW Beauty perfumes, BODY II, and BODY III.

Kim added that Kanye’s scent was “Like money, I don’t know! He smells like what you think a really expensive, Saint Laurent fragrance campaign would be.”

Kim said her 23-year-old half-sibling Kendall Jenner “has no scent — which is a good thing. She just always smells fresh and clean, and smells like a supermodel — exactly what you think she would smell like.”

Kim added that her other half-sibling, Kylie Jenner (pictured right with her bestie Jordyn Woods), “always smells like one of my original fragrances that have gardenias and jasmine.”

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