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Eva Marcille, Michael Sterling Jr

Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other. The eyes don’t work together to look at an object or a person.

Strabismus is also known as cross-eyes or lazy eye. Up to 5 percent of children may be diagnosed with Strabismus. Strabismus usually occurs later in life. People may initially have double vision but that will eventually clear as the brain ignores the visual input from the affected eye.

What Causes Strabismus?

Strabismus can be caused by muscle weakness of the eyes. Each eye has six external muscles that control the eye movement. The muscles are controlled by cranial (brain) nerves. Strabismus occurs when there are neurological (stroke) or anatomical problems (tumors) that interfere with the function of the external muscles.

Babies who are delivered with forceps may suffer cranial nerve damage that affects the eyes. A stroke or brain tumors can cause strabismus. Family genetics also play a role in misaligned binocular vision.

Signs and Symptoms of Strabismus

  • Double vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Lazy eye (amblyopia)
  • Poor peripheral vision
  • Eyestrain
  • Headache
  • Vision loss

    Treatment for Strabismus

    Strabismus is treated by vision correction lenses (eyeglasses), medications or surgery.

    This has been your Medical Minute.


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      Photos used in this post are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to identify any particular individual as the subject of this post.

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      I think wearing corrective lenses contributes to weakening eye muscles as well. I have acute astigmatism in my left eye and recently became of an age that multifocal lenses are needed as well. About the same time, I noticed that my left eye would stray to the corner every once in a while. I had on contacts for my badge picture a couple of years ago, and just noticed recently that my left eye was “resting” in the corner. Such is life I guess.

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      Babies who are delivered with forceps may suffer cranial nerve damage that affects the eyes
      Are doctors trained to NOT use the forceps in a way that doesn't cause this or maybe find another means of they find they have to apply more pressure than normal?

      Anyway, the baby still cute tho and maybe it will correct itself as the child gets older. If not, surgery is always an option. I mean, if you can change eye color then you can have this kinda surgery, right?

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