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Today’s Morning Wood is Style Blogger Brian Ferrell, aka @valor_style on

Brian has many irons in the fire. He’s also a personal stylist and image consultant who has a way with words!

Brian recently grew out his beard as a sign of maturity and growth. He described the transition from hairless to a distinguished gentleman.

“Your hair is an extension of your nervous system,” he writes.

“They are the antennas that connect you to nature and the cosmo. The longer your hair grows the more intuitive you are. Your hair is a sixth sense. It can protect you from danger, like your very own spider sense. Your hair is not just used for fashion it has a very deep and meaningful purpose. Grow your hair out. Look like your natural self.”

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Why do I wear suits? I love the way a #suit makes me feel when I put it on. I feel #confident, strong, powerful. Just as a black knight puts his #armor on before the battle. A modern day suit is my battle armor, and the world is my #battlefield. From the moment I put on that suit jacket. I feel I can take on the world. I stand more straight. I walk with a purpose, I speak confidently, my #mannerism are different and I'm more poised. I am #gentleman from head to toe. Yes! The suit does not maketh the man. The man maketh the suit. I am a gentleman no matter what I wear. But, I do recognize the difference on how I feel when putting on a well #fitted suit then I do when putting on Jeans and a t-shirt. #king#lion#suits#gentleman#dapper#style#dandy#gq#highfashion#blackstyle#blackfashion#visionary#desire#driven#tie#wastecoat#2piecesuit#3piecesuit#follow#motivation

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