The Hollywood Reporter cover

Actress Regina King is the only splash of colour on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. King graces the cover with 4 leading ladies — Glenn Close, Kathryn Hahn, Nicole Kidman, Rachel Weisz and pop singer Lady Gaga.

Regina’s hard work paid off when she won an Emmy recently for her role in the film Seven Seconds.

Inside the mag, the ladies discussed how Hollywood has changed as a consequence of social media’s focus on the gender wage gap.

Regina, 47, says she was aware of the growing pay gap between actors, but she didn’t dwell on it because she wanted the work. She said she never discussed the gender pay gap with her agent.

“I was talking to [actress] Maggie Gyllenhaal — just because we both have been acting for so long, and were young when we started — and I feel like I was very much aware of the pay differences between men and women,” she said. “I knew it and I just said, ‘Yeah, OK. That’s there. But I’m focusing on the work.’ So now it’s like, ‘Oh, shoot. I never had a conversation with any of my female peers that were experiencing the same thing.'”


Photos by BACKGRID