Kevin Gates, Monica Brown

A loyal reader sent in this photo of singer Monica Brown and rapper Kevin Gates who have been inseparable lately. My reader requested a body language analysis.

Specifically, she wanted to know if the rumors about Monica and Kevin are credible based on their nonverbal cues in this and other photos.

I’m no body language expert, but I promised Dreka I would give it a shot.

FYI: my reader is not Kevin’s wife, Dreka Gates, or anyone in her camp. The two women are total strangers who happen to share the same name.

Let’s start with Kevin’s nonverbal cues.

1. He wrapped his arm around her but his hand is closed. A closed hand suggests he is not open to a romantic affair with Monica.

2. He’s sitting back rather than leaning into her. This suggests he is just not that into her.


Now Monica’s nonverbal cues are more interesting.

1. She is holding Kevin’s hand. This is a no-brainer.

2. She’s practically sitting in his lap. Another no-brainer.

3. She’s resting her head on his arm — a sign that suggests Monica not only feels safe and secure with Kevin, but she probably wants more out of their relationship.

4. Her right hand is probably resting on or near his left inner thigh.

5. Monica is invading Kevin’s personal space. This suggests an intimate familiarity with Kevin. Most platonic friends respect each other’s personal spaces.


In summary, judging by all the nonverbal cues, a casual observer would assume Monica and Kevin are newlyweds.

Their body language suggests one of them craves more than just a platonic friendship. But the other one chooses to proceed cautiously.

The chemistry between them is obvious. I agree Drake: it’s just a matter of time before they progress from platonic friends to lovers.


Shannon Brown