Curtis Jenkins

A Dallas bus driver opened his heart and wallet to 70 children who ride his school bus home from Lake Highlands Elementary School. On the last day before winter break, Curtis Jenkins asked the students what they wanted for Christmas.

Jenkins told NBC5 News in Dallas-Fort Worth that he committed some of the answers to memory and he jotted down the other requests.

Jenkins initially planned to host a gift exchange for the students on his bus. But his wife, Sheneqia, told him some of the kids' parents might not be able to afford to buy gifts for other children.

"No hesitation," Sheneqia told NBC5 News. "He's always wanting to do something for the kids, he's been talking about it for months."

The Jenkins purchased presents with their own money. Co-workers pitched in to buy a bike and donate cash. Jenkins set aside a little money from each paycheck to buy more puzzles, games and small electronics every week.

"Seeing the faces of those kids was more than anything that I could ever do with the money," said Jenkins.

One parent broke down and cried when she saw the gift her son received. "He is the most amazing bus driver," said Katrina Clift, mom of bus rider Ethan. "He's always good to him and all the kids on the bus."

Clift said Jenkins also bought her family a Thanksgiving turkey this year.

"It literally made me cry. I hung up the phone with him, I went over to my husband and I put my head on his chest and I just cried," Clift told NBC5. "It makes me feel like I belong and I mean something to this community, especially to the people who love my children."

Jenkins said God and an auntie inspired him to do something kind for others during the holidays.

"I had an auntie that would buy a pack of socks and she would give us all one pack of socks and wrap it," Jenkins said. "When you're going to school and you have a hole in your socks, that new pair of socks meant something to you."

He added: "I'm not at a job, I'm on a mission from God. I don't say anything about religion to the kids. I just let them know whatever they love is fine with me, just love somebody on the way."

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    thanks for sharing this!

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    I love this. Its always good to see people (black people mainly because we only receive bad images in the news) give back in their community. Much love to him.

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    Amazing!!! I love to hear stuff like this! Folks don't understand how such a little gesture can mean so much to a family. This man is truly an angel!!

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    God bless the givers out here.

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    Fawk Xmas

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    That's what's up! We need a lot more kindness like that in this world! Good looking out, bro.

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    Is November and December the only months people hungry and needs things?

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    I'm praying for peace and happiness for anyone that can find something negative to say about this story. I genuinely mean that. Some of you are hurt and miserable and that's really unfortunate...

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    So sweet. What an Angel

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    Bless his sure those kids were too happy.

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    This is wonderful! I went on strike this Christmas and didn’t buy anyone a dang thing. My cousins and nem (not a typo) will be getting their $12,000 tax refund checks soon enough. I kept my hard earned money to myself and had a Merry Christmas.

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    Sheneqia you picked a winner!

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    I hear dat lol

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    That's what's up. Bless that man and his wife for doing this, cause some of those kids might not have had a Christmas otherwise.

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    Bless this man! Keep that same energy and do it throughout the year.

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    Same question(s) I always ask.

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    Yep, not just two days out of the year; Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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    He’s a wonderful human being! ?

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    Yes a feel good positive story. God bless you Curtis.

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    Blessed to be a blessing. It is always a great feeling putting a smile on a child’s face. What an amazing post. Thank you Sandra!!!! ?

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    This is so sweet, that it put an instant smile on my face. I love selfless people. They really are a joy to encounter. Always thinking about how they can help others and rarely ask for anything in return.

    I pray that God works on my heart and restore my spirit and wealth, because I use to love to give. Being used, talked about, lied on and constantly taken for granted, made me pull back on helping a lot of folks. Plus, seeing how they acted when the money dried up, was such a sláp on the face. But giving is what makes my soul smile. Now I just try to give to people who really need it, when I have it to give.

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    I understand your statement, but honestly anytime someone is doing something good it’s a good thing.

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    Yes Lord! I love stories like this, especially this time of the year. The best feeling and some of my best memories, was giving.

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    Sometimes you have to be that way. Believe me when I tell you I understand. I bought three people gifts this year. I use to spend thousands on gifts but over time, I noticed some of those folks would shop all year long, and happily accept my gifts every year, without even thinking to buy me a .99 Christmas card. I started treating them exactly how they treated me. Now I buy gifts for kids and the adults who think about me throughout the year.

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    A blessing

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    I love stories like this.

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    Beautiful. We Salute You!!!

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    Well done Curtis. He has a huge heart.

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    Bless him ??

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    This was beautiful! One of the most kind, generous, and genuine things I have seen. Very touching, young man. Well done!

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    What a wonderful and generous man.

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    Thats what we Jenkins do! Blessings to him and his family.

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    This is just so precious. Jesus bless this man.

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    God will bless him for his kindness!

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    Love, love, love!!!
    This is the highlight of my day! He is truly a blessed soul!

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    Very nice. I hope he did it for the right reasons. I have an aunt that loves to "help" people. And as soon as the good deed is done, she hops on the phone tells EVERYONE how fortunate the benefactor is that she is SO generous.

  • Raquel

    Finally!! A story about a REAL human being doing something for someone. Bless him and his family. What a good hearted person.

  • Raquel

    Finally!! A story about a REAL human being doing something for someone. Bless him and his family. What a good hearted person.

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    Find at least one kid in need and bless him or her. If this man can do 70, what’s at 1....

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    Love this! ??

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    This is my sister. I no longer accept her "help" because it is not genuine. She does it to appear nice but will throw it in your face so quick....smh..... keep it.

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    That's awesome! Bless him and his wife!

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    Awww what a sweet man. We need more like him???

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    Girl me need more people like you in this world . God bless you

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    I love you and I feel you, even though I don't know you!!!

    I've always given to the homeless but I use to give to those who weren't in need too. Fast forward (lesson learned), I only give to those who are in need now. I've done the same, given them new clothes, money and shoes because I've been blessed with an abundance of clothes and shoes. I use to be homeless and litterly had one pair of shoes, at one time, so I never forgot how that felt. Now, I give without question, to those who I see, that really need it.

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    I must admit, I laughed so hard at the part when you said "I didn't buy anyone a dang thing". Lol!

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    Lolol Girl, I’m tired of folks’ shit! They expect me to buy gifts for their kids, pay their bills and give them gas money. Nope! Not happening.

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    ???? Lol!! I feel you girl. "Ion got it" is my favorite line now. And those same folks will run around and tell people that you don't help them with nothing. I started turning those liars into truth tellers. I said "so you telling folks I don't help you, huh!" Now I really don't help them. Summuvabishes...??

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    Isn’t crazy! You can’t even enjoy the fruits of your own labor in peace! It’s the same ones that always need “the help”.

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    Yes it is and that's why I help myself and those who have fallen on hard times.

    If you're driving, wearing all of these name brand clothes, stay in the hair and nail salon and always shopping, you don't need my help.

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    All of that!

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    Bless you and much love!

  • Society Has Changed

    Thank you. Sometimes we can live so selfishly and it takes a special moment to change it.

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    got a cousin JEST like this lol be complaining that no one thanks her or does anything for her but it's OFFERED my gal!!! they said thank you what MORE could you want from ppl in need

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    My aunt is a mess! If you take a piece of gum from her, it'll be on the 6 o'clock news!

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    Yep! Every hand isn't a helping hand. When I help someone or give someone something, I never speak about it.

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    Amen! When it's genuine you naturally don't speak about it.