Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union fired back at one of her Instagram followers who questioned her personal sense of style. The Instagram user suggested the 46-year-old mom-of-one didn't dress age-appropriately.

The Being Mary Jane actress often posts photos of herself modeling select outfits from her clothing line collaboration with New York & Company.

Last week, she posted a photo that showed her wearing a black New York & Company frock with bulky sneakers from her husband's Li-Ning Wade 2 ACE sneaker line that is marketed to young adults.

The Li-Ning Wade 2 ACE NYFW grey/black sneakers retail for $63.

Gabby's outfit prompted one user to comment: "Can you dress your age please."

Union took issue with that one comment over all the other positive comments that praise her look.

She sarcastically replied:

"Oh I’d loooove to hear what you think is age appropriate. Please gimme allll the age appropriate fashion advise [sic] I didn’t know I needed in my life."

Among Gabby's defenders was one user who wrote, "so this is totally my style and im not 20. Or 30."

Another user wrote, "I not only love your style I love your energy and journey #Favor".

A third user wrote, "You silly little girls, hate to see a woman older than you in better shape, living well and more fabulous than you’ll ever be. Just say no to drugs".

Others encouraged Union to dress her attitude, not her age.

Question: Do you think Gabrielle dresses appropriately for her age? Would you wear those sneakers if you were pushing 50?

Li-Ning Wade 2 Ace


Li-Ning Wade 2 Ace


  • FukkFolks2019

    So...she can't showcase the clothes she sells in peace, that she makes her $$ of of... but the gazillion FashionNova reps can?



  • Tinytoon

    I'm sorry, but those sneakers are straight up ugly. But I do love the blue jeans jumpsuit.

  • Toni Toni Toni

    Love Gabby BUT those Sneakers are beyond UGLY but Gabby Can rock whatever. Eff her followers who got something to say. Bishes always wanna fix their damn face to criticize some shyt like their opinion matters or will change her mind how she will rock her FLOW. FOH

  • Soon2BWife

    Her and Him are two things that I would love to leave in 2018. Sadly, I know this is only the beginning of this irritant of a woman.

  • Faithz

    Gabrielle Would you be kind enough to tell social Media to kiss the fat part, just Saying!!!!

  • VernadineTheQueen?

    Umm I’m 42 and I would wear all of this! Looks good to me! I smell a hater!!?

  • Rahab

    You already changed the year! ?

  • HotInCleveland

    Over this narcissistic chic, her purse lipped husband and that Sojourner Truth looking baby.

  • speakinmymind

    She gangsta wit it!??

  • missmiami305

    Well dayum lol

  • missmiami305

    So tired of those ugly moon shoes. Not a fan of Gabby but she looks good and gives these 20yr olds a run for their money.

  • Renee26

    Shoes are ugly as shiit...I wouldn't wear them

    She dresses age appropriate...could use some help sometimes in putting the ensembles together but she doesn't dress like a hoochie

  • MsPam

    Can we leave the word HATER in 2018 ?! The word is so elementary.

  • MsPam

    Agree, Did anyone tell Flavor Flav’s mother he was a cute baby?! #ALLBABIESARENTCUTE#

  • Prettybrowneyes

    Stop all that hateration #teammary ??

  • Y me?

    Shoes are ugly, but let's not front like gabby is not stunning and looks way younger than her true age. She cud throw on her bring it on cheerleading uniform and still look age appropriate because she is THAT youthful

  • VernadineTheQueen?


  • ThisIsWhat43LooksLike


  • Dowoop

    As long as you not out with me you can wear what ever you want...

  • dontgetblocked

    I guess someone had to say it. If you're going to make a big deal out of the helps if the baby looks like a big deal. Ray J's baby is beautiful. That's all I'll say.

  • dontgetblocked

    Is she THAT concerned with comments on Instagram at 46? Why doesn't she put all that energy into that baby she wanted so much! Good Lord, she rocks my nerves.

  • Prettybrowneyes
  • Ms..N

    Lol 2019 starting early..

  • CoTToNCaNDie SWeeTAsGolD

    and that Sojourner Truth looking baby.
    I just died!!!!!! But she cute tho!!!!


    She wears everything in a classy way.. they must be jealous that she looks youthful..

  • Luvi

    She is beautiful and she is NOT pushing 50....she is 46. Pushing 50 is like say 48 or 49? ijs. Even if she were. Who are the age police. Let her be great. A bunch of miserable haters. Period.

  • free

    My lawd lol...

  • Fire & Ice

    So 46 yr old women can't wear tennis shoes?!?! Hmmm OK ?

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    she looks fine. gabby dresses fine. she may wear some things that are her style specifically, but I cant think of time her get up wasn't age appropriate.

  • pecancandy

    Are we leaving gabs in 2018?

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    When did people start thinking they should tell someone how to dress for their age??

    She looks cute so I don't see the problem. She isn't flaunting a half n?de body, for all to see. And honestly, even if she was, it's her body.

  • :: ?ee?? ::
  • WhoKnew

    Can we PUH-LEEZE leave Gabrielle's thirsty attention seeking ass and her uber gay husband who is even more thirsty and even more of an attention seeker behind in 2018 and never bring their names up or show pictures of them EVER again? They be doing the most. They must be bored AF with each other to always be seeking attention.

  • Brown & Proud

    Those shoes are beyond hideous.. Atrocious. I dont like the bulky shoe look. I left my ugly Soda sneakers in middle school where they belong (year 1999)

  • Li-Wright

    she looks great. I've seen uglier shoes. In fact, Gucci makes an ugly sneaker.

  • Bashi22

    One thing for sure Gabby looks great

  • joel adams

    She petty af. Baby on the shoulder and both thumbs typing on social media. Over dem

  • interestingconcept1

    Dead.............not Sojourner????

  • Melanated Goddess??

    Stop hating you fat lazy bastard

  • Melanated Goddess??

    You're obese , lonely , single and bitter. Shut the fcuk up 2019.

  • hottlanta

    I love her clothing line with Lerner's excuse me New York and Company. At least she wears them. I never seen Bey wear anything from Tina's House of Disaster clothing line from back in the day.

  • abby500

    Yes. I hope

  • abby500

    He isn’t that bad. But she is ridiculously annoying.

  • KcoolMuziq
  • Jethro

    She dresses Gabrielle-appropriately. Now go play in the street.

  • Jeloi

    To answer the question asked, No I would not wear or purchase the shoes even if they were given to me.

  • Peppermint Patty

    Lolol this tickled me...

  • Junkanoo

    She's gotten a ridiculous amount of posts on this site lately and medium attention since the kid arrived, gabby will milk it to the bitter end sadly throughout 2019 is my prediction

  • SandraRose

    Those posts end at the stroke of midnight.

  • Junkanoo

    Gabby needs to give social media a rest . Her fashion sense is hit or miss, I don't see anything special about the several looks posted here none of them are styled right some nice pieces but wrong accessories. This bitch is going to haunt us in 2019 with her thirsty ass

  • Junkanoo

    Right on.... 2019 is looking even more promising

  • pecancandy

    I still call it Lerners too

  • Ms.Devereaux

    They just ugly plain and simple no matter if you young or old

  • Roderick2011

    She proved the posters point that she's an immature hoodrat by clapping back.

    Go away Gabby, go away!!!

  • Renee Bee


  • Prince Zuko

    Smh what was the point of even replying to her? I would have blocked and deleted shorty and been on to the next one. Gabby lost points by giving some internet troll 15 seconds of Fame

  • Allihave2say

    Not even a fan but…
    As long as women can walk on the red carpet/public with their breasts hanging out, go into restaurants without underwear on under their clothes (in sheer fabric no less), wear booty shorts to Walmart and whatever other semi nude looks a mature woman in clothes will always be a pleasure even when it's Gabby.

  • ingridbergman


  • Goodii2Shoes

    Lol! HAPPY NEW YEAR, I wouldn't wear those shoes if I was pushing they may be perfect for yard work tho... (*congrats to the Wades on their fashion ambitions being realized, though. )

    Was savannah the surrogate? Why is her name james? Ija.

  • Goodii2Shoes

    "You silly little girls, hate to see a woman older than you in better shape, living well and more fabulous than you’ll ever be. Just say no to drugs".
    :) used to be the other way around... then.. MollyWater..& x pills.

  • Yetunde

    I agree. They always give the negative comments more attention than the positive.

  • 2gr8ful

    Hey I love Lerners! ?

  • R Smith

    I believe they're her husbands line of shoes. "We wanted to include my family in her name so the "James" is from my uncle James Francis Glass who is also my godfather."

  • Raquelle Dellaghetto

    Less Gabby in 2019, please...

  • EyeEmJai

    I agree! I guess it's that old "mean girl" embedded in Gabby that has to focus on negativity...then challenge it.

  • Lovely1

    1 thing we do know about Gabby is that she looks amazing. Her fashion can stay. Her lack of maturity has to go. I cringed a little bit during her interview with Oprah because I could tell Oprah questioned her lack of maturity.

  • Lovely1

    She *challenged* her, rather.

  • Ajavee

    That’s low picking on an innocent child.

  • okiseethisthatdumbshit

    toys r us done lied to the generation x and now these muh fuggas really think they can wear that same baby fat outfit....foreva

  • Chicagowise

    Those sneakers are hideous. I wouldn't wear them at any age, but style is a personal choice... a way to outwardly express your inner being.

  • Tammie Reed

    I absolutely HATE when folks say that to women! I'm 50 and will wear what the hell I want! I didn't know clothes had an expiration date lol. How about I wear what I want and you stay outta my business! She looks perfectly fine and in great shape! The ones that are so negative and comment like that ALWAYS look a damn mess too! #CarryOn

  • Tina Smith

    Age is just a number, you don't have to dress like a gramdma because your almost 50. She has a better body then most twenty year olds. If it looks nice on you it shouldn't matter your age. Those sneakers are hideous, I wouldnt wear them at any age. Leave gabby alone, since she had her baby everybody is tripping.

  • Reenaface

    At least she's covered up, a welcomed sight.

  • imright

    ur clothes match ur personality not ur DOB ? ppl are super silly !!

  • Rent em Spoons ?????????

    Damn even li-ning is biting offwhite

  • hottlanta

    Yep n Macy's will always b Richs

  • Parent

    I really hate the internet sometimes. Don't these celebrities know when and when not to respond. Stop feeding the trolls.

  • Parent

    Why are the soles of sneakers getting so big and dumb? Really hate this fad. Remember when we wanted our shoes to make our feet look smaller and dainty.

  • HotInCleveland

    Go to Michelle Obama’s posts if you want To go high. You have silly expectations for a gossip blog where the ugly truth will be. ?

  • okiseethisthatdumbshit

    err body trippin on her cuz she always doing corny ass shyt

  • Michelle

    So many narcs to choose from, you should do a NARC EDITION on your blog but of course I’m sure you’d get cease and desist letters from the narcs.

  • Blak

    oh my goodness who cares??? she is so focused on being a social media star no wonder why her movies are garbage and she can't keep a tv show

  • Soon2BWife

    According to Auntie, Yes!!! ??????

  • Soon2BWife

    Gosh, can we leave people who come to gossip blog site comments to guilt people into feeling low about jokes made about people they don’t know and would not p on them if they were on fire. So annoying!!! Don’t read the comments!!!!!

  • Alicia.Ashe

    I like that dress

  • HotInCleveland

    Bloop! Just like that.

  • Ronnie Hill

    You an D wear the same size shoes. #ManSizeFeet

  • Lady_Elle

    So tennis shoes should be worn by a specific age group?
    Gabby looks fine!
    She typically wears age appropriate clothing!

  • EBT Doll

    Wear want you wanna wear shiiiid.... just not those shoes? sorry I had too ?

  • Malcom Flex

    She's got the bag the baby and a career why the thirst, ma?!

  • Chocolate

    She’s gorgeous and in shape- she can pull off anything really and why wouldn’t she model her own line...

  • Sunshine ///

    Her style of dress is contingent on whether their life is stress free or not. At 46 years old you're supposed to dress like you're 85 years old. Makes life for 20 something year olds better for their self esteem.

  • Patricia

    those green shoes are absolutely horrid.

  • supastar

    She be her feelings to much tho!!! ... UMMMM did she clap back at D Wade's baby mother??


    Gabby dresses fine....the shoes are UGLY for ANY and EVERYONE!


    She had a striped Jumpsuit that was fire.... I looked for it but it was sold out at New York and company..
    I like her because she has her own unique style. You can catch some pieces for the Grown women.... A lot of people just have clothing lines but she does her own thing its unique.

  • ShWa

    She looks great to me, at least she's not walking around half dressed people seriously need to mind their business for real.

  • ShWa

    Yes they feel some type of way because the older women are looking good which should give them some hope for the future and stop hating on the older women for looking great.....

  • ShWa

    Yes she looks really good!

  • ShWa

    Yes the younger crowd sounding insecure like a mug!

  • Trace da Ace

    Gabby looks good! What is she supposed to be wearing?? A mu-mu with some house slippers on??? FOH.....I like the dress...but NOT a fan of platform tennis shoes.....

  • SayWhatNow?

    She can wear WTF her money can buy! I wish she would tell all of her haters to kiss her ass.

  • Iraizehell

    You do realize she was attacked first so how tf is that thirst? Am I not aware of the new definition or some shyt?

  • Iraizehell

    Who tf is anyone in this comment section to tell someone how to dress. How tf do you dress? In shyt u can't afford and gotta rob Peter to pay Paul to buy? Orrrrrr ppl just jealous? Fuk what ppl think 2019....

  • MsVAllDay

    They just madd cause that black don't crack and Gabby up in this camp looking like she in her early 20's

  • akamego

    Jeloi gg

  • roisawesome

    Iraizehell25 yes