Princess Love and Melody

Princess Love

Princess Love lost her cool on Tuesday after rude Instagram followers came for her adorable infant daughter, Melody. The reality TV star wiped her timeline of photos of her daughter after followers called the infant “ugly.”

The first-time mom vowed she would never again post a photo of her daughter on her Instagram account.

“The disgusting things people right [sic] under the picture of a child. I WILL NEVER POST MELODY’S PHOTO EVER AGAIN ON SOCIAL MEDIA.”

Princess is the latest star to reconsider her social media presence after being exposed to rude, vile comments from disrespectful “followers”.

On Monday, actor Aaron Paul said he is stepping away from social media to “focus on work and family” after the toxic environment got the best of him.

His announcement came a day after “Riverdale” star Lili Reinhart told her fans on Instagram that she was walking away from Twitter because she couldn’t stand the negativity any longer.

Earlier this year, pop culture superstars Millie Bobbie Brown and Selena Gomez abandoned their Twitter pages, leaving millions of followers high and dry.

But not every parent is concerned about the toxic effects of social media on their children. Some celebrities live for the drama and the narcissistic supply that social media provides.

Media mogul Sean Combs created an Instagram page and a Youtube channel for his 11-year-old twins, just hours after their mom, Kim Porter, died.

Kaavia James

Actress Gabrielle Union and her husband, Dwyane Wade, must be pleased that their infant daughter, Kaavia James (pictured), garnered over 348,000 followers on her Instagram account — and she’s only 1 month old!

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