Omarion is the latest star to distance himself from troubled R&B singer R. Kelly after the final episode of Lifetime’s docuseries Surviving R. Kelly aired on Sunday night. The 34-year-old singer/actor received backlash on social media after he pledged not to perform R. Kelly songs — after his current tour.

Social media users condemned R. Kelly after the final episode aired. And they bashed singer Omarion for performing a song written by Kelly titled “Bump Bump Bump” with Omarion’s former boy band B2K.

Kelly also wrote 2 additional songs on B2K’s Pandemonium album, “What a Girl Wants,” and “Girlfriend.”

The group announced a reunion tour in December — and they plan to include R. Kelly’s songs in their set. But many fans questioned the timing of the reunion.

“Unbelievable so you gone profit off the mans work what type of stance is that?” one user tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, “Nope! Disappointed. I was so excited to see this tour. But absolutely not supporting your ‘get money and THEN I’ll give a hell no’.”

Omarion took to Twitter to apologize, and he vowed he would never perform any R. Kelly songs — after the tour ends.

In a tweet on Monday, Omarion said he was retiring the songs from his tour set list, but not effective immediately. He plans to retire the songs after the tour ends.

“While I know our fans would be greatly disappointed if we didn’t perform those songs on #TheMillennoumTour , after the tour I am retiring those songs from my set list . I too am raising a future queen…”



Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images