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Disgraced singer Robert Kelly was convicted on federal child pornography charges in Chicago on Wednesday.

Jurors deliberated for less than 24 hours before finding him guilty after a monthlong trial.

Kelly was also convicted on sex trafficking and racketeering charges in New York in June. He was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison.

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A Chicago jury acquitted Kelly on the state child p0rn charges in 2008. The charges were re-filed in federal court to avoid double jeopardy.

Prosecutors said Kelly urinated on and sexually abused his then-14-year-old goddaughter in a widely seen sex tape in 2008. However, his goddaughter, who is now 37, initially denied being the girl in the video.

She changed her testimony during the 2nd trial, and admitted she was the girl in the video.

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Kelly, 55, was accused of bribing the girl to change her story to avoid a conviction in 2008. Prosecutors say he videotaped himself having sex with multiple underage girls.

He was convicted on six out of the 13 counts he faced, according to CBS Chicago.

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"Robert Kelly abused many girls over many years," Assistant US Attorney Elizabeth Pozolo told the jurors.

"That child, who had no prior sexual experiences in her life, was forced to lay on that floor while that man sitting right over there urinated on her," Pozolo said. "That degrading act is forever captured on that video. That abuse is forever memorialized."

"He committed horrible crimes against children... All these years later, the hidden side of Robert Kelly has come out," Pozolo said during her closing arguments.

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R. Kelly's ex-wife Drea Kelly and daughter Buku Abi stopped by the Ryan Cameron Uncensored radio show on Majic ATL last week.

Drea Kelly told host Ryan Cameron that she once considered jumping off a balcony.

"That was a really dark time, because at that time, I had three small children. One of them was still an arm baby... So you have to be at your lowest low and it has to be the darkest part of your life as a mother when you are willing to say 'I don't wanna do this thing called life anymore' and leave your three babies behind. That's a dark place to be."

She added: "Thank God that wasn't the end for me. So now when I live my life, I live it to the fullest."

Drea told Ryan that her three children are fiercely protective of her.

Drea and Robert Kelly are parents to Joann, Jaah Kelly, and Robert Kelly.

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Buku Abi (right), born Joann Kelly, said she's struggling to get her music career off the ground. She told Ryan she has lost recording deals because of her father's reputation.

"Simply based off of my last name. I think for me especially 'cause a lot of people don't know, music is my first passion. I love music. I'm a singer, songwriter, I love music, and I been doing music since I was 13 years old."


"That's the first time I ever wrote a song was at 13, and from 13 up until 24 I've been trying to get into the music business," said Buku Abi, pictured left with Drea.

"Trying to get into the industry and all those years it's either been you're getting it because of who your dad is or you not getting it because of who your dad is. I've been this close to a record deal and when they found out who I was it got swiped away... the paperwork was drawn up and everything. Flew out to L.A., and everything. [Somebody] found out who I was, and that was it."

Watch the interview below

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R. Kelly's legal team will have the chance Friday to question his goddaughter, the government's star witness at his federal child porn trial in Chicago.

On Thursday, the 37-year-old woman, identified only as Jane, said she had intimate relations with Kelly "hundreds of times" before he recorded the infamous sex tape of them together.
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The woman admitted she was the girl performing multiple sex acts on the disgraced R&B singer in the infamous sex tape when she was only 14.

The video has since been scrubbed from the Internet.

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Jane refused to testify in open court in Kelly's child porn trial in 2008 when he was acquitted of all charges.

Jurors who presided over the 2008 trial, said they had no choice but to acquit Kelly because the girl refused to testify.

On the witness stand Thursday, Jane admitted that she lied to a state grand jury in 2002 when she said that it was not her in the video.

She said she lied to protect Kelly.

"I was afraid something bad would happen to Robert," she told jurors. "I was protecting him."


On Friday, the defense is expected to ask Jane why the jury should believe her now since she lied under oath to the grand jury in 2002.

Kelly, 55, faces multiple counts of child pornography and obstruction of justice charges. His trial began on Monday in Chicago.

He is already serving a 30-year prison sentence in New York on federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges.

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Joycelyn Savage provided receipts amid doubts that she's pregnant with incarcerated singer R. Kelly's baby.

Last week, Joycelyn released an 11-page booklet on Amazon entitled "Love and Joy of Robert."

In the pamphlet, Joycelyn revealed the bombshell that she was pregnant with Kelly's baby.
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"I thought I had contracted Covid-19, but the most amazing news of all was that I was expecting," she wrote.

R. Kelly's attorney denied the claims made by Kelly's former live-in girlfriend.

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According to ET Online, Joycelyn shared her sonogram and tells ET that she's five months pregnant with a baby girl. "I'm very excited," she said.

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She explained that Kelly, 55, froze his sperm before he was arrested in 2019 on 13-counts of sexual exploitation of children.

"When he got sent to prison, we paused on it and I had them freeze my eggs until I was ready," Savage tells ET.

She said her thawed egg was successfully fertilized by Kelly's thawed sperm in a petri dish then implanted into her uterus.

The 26-year-old author told ET that Kelly's attorney "didn't know that prior to him going to jail, Robert and I were doing IVF because at the time I was told I couldn't have a baby."

"Once his lawyer did find out, she wanted me to have an abortion because she didn't feel that now was the time for me to have a child following the 30-year sentence," Joycelyn claimed.

Kelly's second trial on federal charges of child exploitation and obstruction began on Monday in Chicago.

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R. Kelly's attorney filed a motion to block potential jurors who have seen the Lifetime docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly."

Kelly, 55, was convicted of trafficking women in New York, and sentenced to 30 years in prison in June.

The disgraced R&B singer has returned to his native Chicago, where he will stand trial for child sex trafficking and other federal offenses.

About 100 potential jurors filled out questionnaires last week, the Chicago Tribune reported. The questionnaires are the first steps to seat a jury pool in Kelly's upcoming federal trial.

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In her motion, Kelly's attorney Jennifer Bonjean said a number of potential jurors indicated they had watched "Surviving R. Kelly."

"Some potential jurors who have seen the documentary have indicated that they are still capable of being impartial. This representation is in a word – absurd," she wrote.

Jury selection in the case begins Monday, Aug. 15.

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Meanwhile, Kelly's former live-in girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage claims she is pregnant with his unborn child.
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She made the revelation in her 11-page pamphlet, strong>available on Amazon, titled "Love and Joy of Robert."

Joycelyn, 26, didn't explain how she managed to fall pregnant when Kelly has been incarcerated for three years and was never allowed conjugal visits.

Bonjean adamantly denied Joycelyn is carrying Kelly's child.

She told TMZ that Joycelyn is "certainly not pregnant with R. Kelly's child."

The attorney added that some "people are just insane."

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R. Kelly's fiancée Joycelyn Savage caused a buzz on Friday when she released a mini tell-all book claiming she was carrying his baby.

The eBook titled "Love and Joy of Robert" revealed the bombshell that Kelly's former live-in lover was pregnant with his baby.

In her pamphlet, available on Amazon, the 26-year-old author claims she learned she was with child in June, a day after Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison for trafficking young women.

"I thought I had contracted Covid-19, but the most amazing news of all was that I was expecting," she wrote.

Kelly, 55, has been incarcerated for three years. Joycelyn didn't explain how she fell pregnant when he was never allowed conjugal visits in jail.

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Joycelyn said she relayed the baby news to Kelly in jail. "Robert is extremely excited about the news that I am having a baby and feel sad that Robert will not be able to be here with us," she wrote.

Joycelyn was 19 when her family first met R. Kelly at an Atlanta Boutique owned by her mother, Jonjelyn Savage.

Michael A. Schwarz/For the Washington Post

A few years later, they attempted to arrange an intervention with her because she had been skipping her college classes, Joycelyn's father, Tim Savage, told 11 Alive in 2019.

Joycelyn eventually dropped out of college and moved into Kelly's leased mansion near Atlanta. She soon cut ties with her heartbroken parents (pictured above).

Meanwhile, Kelly's attorney Jennifer Bonjean told TMZ that Joycelyn is "certainly not pregnant with R. Kelly's child."

Bonjean suggested that Joycelyn may be off her rocker.

She tells TMZ that some "people are just insane."

What is Phantom Pregnancy?

Phantom pregnancy is a phenomenon that feels like a real pregnancy, but it is not actually a real pregnancy.

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Phantom pregnancy is a psychological disorder. The physical symptoms of phantom pregnancy include enlarged abdomen, morning sickness, breast changes, weight gain, urinary frequency, food cravings, and more.

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R. Kelly says he's being punished by being placed on suicide watch in a Brooklyn detention center, so now he's suing.

Kelly filed a lawsuit against MDC Brooklyn when he was placed on suicide watch with heavy restrictions after he was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Thursday.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Kelly says he has no intentions of hurting himself and he objects to the "cruel and unusual punishment."

Kelly says he's in a single cell without bed rails, no showers, no shaving, no toilet paper, and he's being forced to eat meals with his hands because he can't use utensils.

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Kelly thinks he was placed on suicide watch because he's a celebrity.

He argues that his 8th Amendment rights are being violated because "he is not suicidal and expressly told MDC officials that he was not suicidal and had no thoughts of harming himself or others."

In the documents, Kelly mentions Jeffrey Epstein and associate Ghislaine Maxwell -- who were also placed on suicide watch.

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Kelly complained about being cut off from loved ones. He says it's ironic that inmates on suicide watch don't receive psychiatric care.

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Kelly also named MDC Brooklyn warden, Heriberto H. Tellez in his lawsuit. The "I Believe I Can Fly" singer/songwriter is suing for damages from emotional distress.

The Bureau of Prisons tells TMZ: "The BOP is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all inmates in our population, our staff, and the public. Humane treatment of the men and women in our custody is a top priority."

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Robert Sylvester Kelly, aka R. Kelly, was sentenced to 30 years in prison in a New York courtroom on Friday.

The 55-year-old disgraced R&B singer was convicted in Brooklyn of heading a criminal enterprise that preyed on girls, women and men for his own sexual gratification.

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He will face similar charges in a separate trial in his native Chicago, Illinois.

Kelly was a successful Grammy award-winning platinum-selling artist who used his wealth and status to prey on vulnerable men and women, prosecutors say.

His sexual exploits earned him the vulgar nickname "The Pied Piper."

Kelly sold over 75 million records worldwide. His solo hit songs include "Bump n' Grind", "Your Body's Callin'", "You Remind Me of Something", "Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)" and "I Believe I Can Fly."

He has worked with legends including Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson and Quincy Jones, among others.

His attorneys submitted documents about the R&B singer's own childhood abuse, which they hoped would sway the judge to give Kelly a lighter sentence.

His attorneys had asked the judge to sentence Kelly to 10 years in prison with credit for time served.

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R. Kelly's lawyer is considering filing an appeal after the disgraced R&B star was found guilty of racketeering and related sex crimes in New York on Monday.

The "I Believe I Can Fly" singer faces decades behind bars after a jury found him guilty on all nine counts of recruiting women and underage children for sex.

Kelly's attorney tells CNN the defense team is disappointed by the verdict and is considering filing an appeal.

Deveraux Cannick accused federal prosecutors of cherry-picking evidence to suit their case against the singer.

"You didn't get to see what we saw in terms of the discovery," he said.

"You didn't get to see all the inconsistencies. We said in our summation that the government cherry-picked their version that they thought would support the continuation of the narrative."

Kelly, who has repeatedly denied the allegations against him, didn't react when the verdict was read out in court.

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However, his lawyer admitted the singer was shocked when the verdict was read out loud.

Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented three of six alleged victims, called Kelly the "worst" sexual predator she has ever encountered.

"I have been practicing law for 47 years. During this time I have pursued many sexual predators who have committed crimes against women and children. Of all the predators that I have pursued, however, Mr. Kelly is the worst, for many reasons.

"First, he used the power of his celebrity to recruit vulnerable underage girls for the purpose of sexually abusing them. These were not May-October relationships, which is what his defense attorney wanted the jury to believe; these were crimes against children and some adults.

"Second, to use the power of his business enterprise and many of his inner circle employees to assist him and enable him in his plan and his scheme to lure his victims to him, isolate them, intimidate them, control them, indoctrinate them, punish them, shame them, and humiliate them.

"All of which made Mr. Kelly more powerful and more dangerous than many other sexual predators who operate without a network of financial and businesses to support and enable them."

None of Kelly's former employees have been charged.

Kelly is scheduled to be sentenced on May 4, 2022. He is also facing similar charges in Illinois and Minnesota.

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R. Kelly has been found guilty of sexually abusing women, boys, and girls in a Brooklyn courtroom on Monday.

Kelly was found guilty on nine counts of RICO violations, as well as transporting minor females across state lines for sex, on Monday.

The jury of seven men and five women deliberated for nine hours before returning their verdicts on the evidence against the singer.

Testimony of accusers and prosecution witnesses closed out the month-long trial in Brooklyn, New York.

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During the proceedings, prosecutors told jurors that Kelly used a network of friends and employees to secretly transport minors and women across state lines and control their actions.

Many of the witnesses who took the stand during the trial claimed Kelly had kidnapped them and restricted what and when they could eat. They also claimed he controlled when they could take bathroom breaks.

Kelly's attorneys attempted to discredit the accusers as groupies who who were willing to be used and controlled.

The defense claimed the victims had concocted tall tales about the singer after he refused their advances.

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One of his alleged victims claimed she witnessed the singer performing oral sex on teenage R&B singer Aaliyah, who Kelly illegally wed in a Chicago hotel room in 1994 - when she was only 15.

A former tour manager for Kelly also testified that he bribed a welfare office employee to make a fake ID for Aaliyah, which listed her age as 18.

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Prosecutors claimed Kelly married Aaliyah in a bid to avoid criminal charges for having sex with a minor. Their marriage was later annulled.

Kelly did not take the stand to testify in his own defense during the trial.

Kelly also faces criminal charges in separate cases from state prosecutors in Minnesota and federal prosecutors in Illinois.

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Federal authorities are investigating whether a former employee of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) leaked information about incarcerated singer R. Kelly to a blogger.

Kelly was arrested over 2 years ago in Chicago and extradited to New York to stand trial on racketeering and sex trafficking charges.

According to BOP records, the employee accessed R. Kelly's files on a computer server 153 times in 2019. The employee had no authority to read the records.

Prosecutors asked a judge for permission to subpoena the employee's computer after YouTube vlogger Tasha K reported information only a prison employee would know.

In the affidavit which was unsealed in federal court in Chicago August 18, the employee is identified only as "Officer A."

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Kelly is identified as "Inmate A... a nationally recognized celebrity whose criminal case has received media attention."

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Joseph Fitzpatrick, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney John Lausch, confirmed "Inmate A" is Kelly.

Details contained in the affidavit was first reported by the Chicago Tribune.

The employee accessed records pertaining to Kelly while he was an inmate at Chicago's Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in 2019. The employee worked at the Thomson Correctional Center from May 2019 until December 2019 when she retired, according to the affidavit.

BOP records shows the officer in question used her BOP password to access Kelly's records between July 15, 2019 and Dec. 12, 2019 — even though the officer was not assigned to the MCC and was not authorized to access them.

In total, 60 BOP employees accessed Kelly's records from July 15, 2019, through Jan. 8, 2020, according to the affidavit. But the officer in question accessed the records 153 times.

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Tasha K, real name Latasha Kebe, 39, runs a popular Instagram blog and YouTube channel called UnwinewithTashaK. Her last known address is in Atlanta.

Tasha K reported information about Kelly known only to BOP employees, such as inmate calls, visitation logs, emails and funds, the affidavit said.

Tasha K's Instagram and YouTube channel were monitored by a federal agent after she published Kelly's visitation list and revealed a date of Dec. 5, 2019, at 8:07 a.m. in a Jan. 12, 2020 Instagram post.

The agent wrote that BOP records showed the employee accessed Kelly's records at that same time. Other BOP employees accessed the records at other times of the day, the agent wrote.

The employee also sent an email from her official BOP email address to a Gmail address on Nov. 13, 2019, and attached a 12-page document that contained Kelly's visitor records and money logs, according to the affidavit.

Tasha K reported some of the details in that email attachment in a Dec. 22, 2019 YouTube video, the agent wrote.

No charges have been filed against Tasha K.

Rolando Rodriguez/jpistudios.com

According to TMZ, a judge recently tossed Tasha's $3 million lawsuit against rapper Cardi B, in which she claimed the rapper assaulted her after she reported allegations about the star's minor daughter, Kulture.

Kelly faces federal racketeering charges in Brooklyn alleging he recruited women and girls for illegal sex and filmed child pornography.

Kelly has pleaded not guilty to all charges. He faces up to life in prison if found guilty on all counts.

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R. Kelly's former 17-year-old live-in lover testified they had sex without using protection and he gave her a painful sexually transmitted disease.

Jane Doe number 5 testified during Kelly's ongoing sex trafficking trial at the Eastern District of New York courthouse in Brooklyn on Monday.

Taking the witness stand, Jane Doe number five, who allegedly dated the singer for five years, revealed she first met Kelly in 2015 at a show in Florida when she was 17.

She explained someone from his entourage handed her a piece of paper with his cell phone number written on it, and told her not to tell anyone about it. Kelly then offered her an audition to sing for him and she met up with the star days later, when he allegedly performed oral sex on her.

The unnamed accuser then told the court that Kelly's assistant booked plane tickets for her so she could visit the singer on his tour stops. She insisted the aide knew she was only 17.

Jane Doe claimed when she first had sex with Kelly, he didn't use protection or disclose his STD.

Kelly's physician of 25 years earlier testified that Kelly had genital herpes since 2007.

Antonio Perez - Pool via Getty Images

Jane Doe said she moved in with the singer at his leased mansion in Atlanta, Georgia. There, he demanded she get permission from him or his assistant before leaving a bedroom and made her urinate in a cup.

Jane Doe testified she and Kelly had sex almost every day during the summer of 2015, and he videotaped their sessions.

She said she discovered she had contracted herpes from Kelly when she "couldn't physically even walk." Testifying through tears, she told the court, "I felt this man had purposely given me something he knew he had".

Jane Doe revealed she and Kelly received a letter of consent from her mother in September, 2015, allowing the 17-year-old to live with him and be home-schooled in Chicago, Illinois.


She testified Kelly flew her to tour stops, and she became pregnant in 2017. She was pressured to have an abortion by the star's assistant.

She also claimed the singer told another live-in girlfriend he married late singer Aaliyah, when she was 15, so he could accompany her to get an abortion when she fell pregnant.

Her testimony follows several days of similar claims from other women.

In earlier testimony, Kelly's former assistant said he paid $500 to bribe a court worker to obtain a marriage license for 15-year-old singer Aaliyah to marry Kelly because he feared she was pregnant.

Kelly was arrested over 2 years ago in Chicago and extradited to New York to stand trial. He has pleaded not guilty to the sex trafficking charges. He faces up to life in prison if found guilty on all counts.

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R. Kelly allegedly sexually abused a 17-year-old boy after meeting him at a Chicago-area McDonald's in 2006, a new court filing alleges.

Federal prosecutors in New York alleged new accusations against the disgraced singer, including sexual assault and bribery, going back 30 years.

According to court docs, Kelly, 54, sexually abused the teen after asking him "what he was willing to do to succeed in the music business."

The teen allegedly introduced Kelly to a male friend, aged 16 or 17.

Several years later, when the male was 19 or 20, the star apparently started a sexual relationship with that person, referred to as John Doe #2. Kelly allegedly forced several of his girlfriends to have sex with the young man while he filmed the encounters.

Antonio Perez/Pool via Getty Images

In court documents filed on Friday, July 23, and obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times, prosecutors asked a judge to permit them to submit new evidence of the allegations at Kelly's upcoming racketeering trial in federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

Kelly faces federal charges of violating the Mann Act involving the coercion and transportation of women and girls in interstate commerce to engage in illegal sexual activity.

The singer, born Robert Sylvester Kelly, has not been charged with any new sexual offenses, according to the Post.

Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Prosecutors also claim to have evidence that Kelly sexually abused singer Aaliyah and married her in 1994, when she was 15, so that she couldn't be forced to testify against him. She died in a plane crash in 2001.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a woman named Jane Doe #5 claimed Kelly asked her to search the internet for "child pornography involving boys for him".

According to court papers, a search of Kelly's computer corroborated the claim.


Additionally, the musician is accused of leading an enterprise to recruit women and girls for sex. He denies any wrongdoing. His Brooklyn trial is scheduled for August 9.

A separate trial for child pornography charges is set in his native Chicago, Illinois in September.

Kelly was recently slapped with a $2 million dollar tax lien for allegedly failing to pay taxes in 2008. As reported by Radar Online, the IRS filed a lien against Kelly's former Illinois mansion.

Kelly has pleaded not guilty on all counts.


R. Kelly's ex-wife Drea Kelly isn't feeling nostalgic about her former life with the incarcerated singer.

In an interview with the NY Post's Page Six, the 46-year-old choreographer insists that while she was married to the singer, she was "never a wife".

The couple was married for 13 years before their bitter divorce in 2009. Drea, real name Andrea Kelly, later went public with bombshell allegations of domestic abuse in their failed marriage.


Drea - who shares three children with her former husband - said that despite the "I Believe I Can Fly" star's wealth and fame, being married to him was a "lonely" experience.

"Money does not bring you happiness; it is a lonely place," she said. "I still say, 'I was married but I was never a wife,' and I don't want anyone (else to experience that) - especially the younger generation.

The lovelorn actress advised women not to chase a bag when looking for love -- because when he leaves he takes the bag with him.

"At the end of the day, what you need to understand is that when it's over, they will let you know his damn money is his damn money and they leave with their money."

Kelly remains behind bars in Chicago, Illinois, where he is facing multiple counts of sexual abuse of a minor. He is also set to stand trial for racketeering and human sex trafficking in New York.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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R. Kelly may file a federal lawsuit after a fellow inmate attacked him with a pen at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago last week.

Kelly's attorneys will appeal to the government to release Kelly on home detention after he was nearly killed by another inmate in an unprovoked attack.

The 53-year-old "Trapped in the Closet" singer has not seen his attorneys in person since March.

Kelly's lawyers argue that he has been unable to prepare for his upcoming trial for nearly six months, due to restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic that limits visitors to the jail.

Kelly's legal team may file a lawsuit citing the dangerous conditions at the jail after their client was attacked by a deranged inmate.

Photo may have been deleted

Getty Images, BOP.gov

The inmate, identified as Latin Kings gang member Jeremiah Farmer, allegedly attacked Kelly because he was upset over the lockdowns due to Kelly's fans protesting outside the jail.

In a handwritten letter to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, titled, "The Government Made Me Attack R. Kelly," Farmer said he was "forced" to beat the R&B crooner.

"Farmer, with nowhere else to turn for legal help, was forced to assault hip-hop R&B singer Robert Kelly in hopes of getting spotlight attention and world news notice to shed the light on the government corruption," Farmer wrote.

He continued: "Due to the most blatant government corruption in Farmer's case, and being in lockdown for R. Kelly protest, I physically beat Mr. Kelly in an attempt to shed media spotlight on Farmer's case to prove government corruption and helping Farmer's innocence to prevail."

The letter will likely be included in a lawsuit filed against the Federal Bureau of Prisons which runs the jail.

Kelly's attorneys will plead for his release before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday.

Kelly was indicted on federal charges of child p0rnography, trafficking, and aggravated sexual abuse. He was taken into federal custody in July 2019.