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R. Kelly‘s ex-wife Drea Kelly and daughter Buku Abi stopped by the Ryan Cameron Uncensored radio show on Majic ATL last week.

Drea Kelly told host Ryan Cameron that she once considered jumping off a balcony.

“That was a really dark time, because at that time, I had three small children. One of them was still an arm baby… So you have to be at your lowest low and it has to be the darkest part of your life as a mother when you are willing to say ‘I don’t wanna do this thing called life anymore’ and leave your three babies behind. That’s a dark place to be.”

She added: “Thank God that wasn’t the end for me. So now when I live my life, I live it to the fullest.”

Drea told Ryan that her three children are fiercely protective of her.

Drea and Robert Kelly are parents to Joann, Jaah Kelly, and Robert Kelly.

Photo may have been deleted
Magic 107.5/97.5

Buku Abi (right), born Joann Kelly, said she’s struggling to get her music career off the ground. She told Ryan she has lost recording deals because of her father’s reputation.

“Simply based off of my last name. I think for me especially ’cause a lot of people don’t know, music is my first passion. I love music. I’m a singer, songwriter, I love music, and I been doing music since I was 13 years old.”


“That’s the first time I ever wrote a song was at 13, and from 13 up until 24 I’ve been trying to get into the music business,” said Buku Abi, pictured left with Drea.

“Trying to get into the industry and all those years it’s either been you’re getting it because of who your dad is or you not getting it because of who your dad is. I’ve been this close to a record deal and when they found out who I was it got swiped away… the paperwork was drawn up and everything. Flew out to L.A., and everything. [Somebody] found out who I was, and that was it.”

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