Aja Metoyer, Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade

The blogs were abuzz last week when Dwyane Wade’s baby mama, Aja Metoyer, posted a meme on her Instagram account that seemed to taunt his wife, Gabrielle Union.

Union, 46, and Wade, 36, welcomed his first daughter, Kaavia James Wade, via a surrogate in November. Union, who suffered multiple miscarriages on her journey to becoming a first time mom, created an Instagram account for the baby, which currently has over 400,000 followers.

On Saturday, Metoyer, who is mom to Wade’s youngest son Xavier Wade, 5, threw a not-so-subtle jab at Union by posting an image of a healed c-section scar with the text, “Shout out to every woman who made the sacrifice. You are appreciated.”

The mother-of-three captioned the image, “mr. xavier wade lol”.

The implication was that barren women like Union aren’t appreciated because they didn’t make the “sacrifice” by laboring for hours to deliver their babies naturally or via c-section.

Following the backlash, Metoyer edited the post to remove the “lol” from the caption.

This week she went a step further and denied shading Gabby. This led to speculation that Union pressured Wade to make Metoyer take the post down.

In her new post, Metoyer called out “negative and evil hearted people” for correctly interpreting her post. She called her followers “sick evil hearted people” who “can take [an] innocent post and pervert it into something it was never [meant] to be.”

Metoyer also wrote, “i will never delete this post because i will not be bullied into deleting a post about me on my page. im [sic] standing my ground, you don’t like it stay off the page period!”

Was this another cryptic jab at Union?

Read the full post below. Screengrab courtesy of Rhymeswithsnitch.com.

Aja Metoyer post

Aja Metoyer post