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By now you've seen the viral video of a woman going off on her son's father for bringing only his son a McDonald's meal.

The mother-of-four was outraged that her son's father didn't bring enough McDonald's food for her other three kids.

The debate continues to rage on social media, as men and women choose sides along gender lines.

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4-time world champion boxer Adrien Broner weighed in on the controversy. "I got time today," the father-of-six said in a YouTube video.

"In all reality, I say she's wrong, because at the end of the day, that ain't that ni**a kids. He ain't on child support for them mf kids. So, you can't expect him to go feed yo' babies. Ok, y'all was together. Ok, then that's different... But once y'all break up, that sh*t is over with. His only responsibility is his kid. Real talk."

Adrien said he would've fed the other children out of the goodness of his heart.

However, he pointed out that all men aren't required to feed another man's children.

He shamed the baby mama, saying she shouldn't have children by multiple fathers.

Watch the video below.

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Lisa, a single mom of four, went viral after she recorded herself throwing away her son's McDonald's meal because his father didn't bring enough food for all of her kids.

Lisa didn't expect the backlash that followed after she tried to "expose" her baby's daddy for bringing lunch for his son, but not her other three kids.

On Wednesday, she recorded a TikTok video responding to the public backlash.

She explained that the father of her youngest child fed her other 3 children McDonald's while they were together. But after they broke up, he stopped treating her other children to Happy Meals.

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Now she's bitter because he brings McDonald's meals for his son - who he's responsible for.

"All my other kids knew him," she explained.

"He was buying them McDonald's when we were together. My kids have to go through a transition of our break up as well... So now my kids have to see only one of their siblings get McDonald's and not the rest of them?"

She continued:

"And they know it's coming from you because, of course... me and you used to be together. They used to see you, you used to do it for them. But now you don't want to do that for them anymore. Like, to me that's petty. That's petty, like, it's not fair. You're not gonna give one child McDonald's and not all the other kids McDonald's."

She added:

"I don't care what everybody else have to say about it. Y'all could judge me. Oh well, I could be the villain, but I said what I said! Like, if you can't bring everybody McDonald's, then can't nobody have McDonald's then, periodt!"

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Heres Lisa Now Leave Me Alone ??

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The Internet is debating a viral video that shows "Lisa," a mother-of-four, arguing with one of her baby daddies for bringing a McDonald's meal for his son, but nothing for her other 3 kids.

Rather than thank him for providing for his son, she threatens to "expose" him for not feeding her other kids.

"It ain't more than enough food in that bag for everybody," she yells, as he arrives with a McDonald's meal and a drink for his son.

"That don't look enough for all my kids!" she says. "What about my other kids?"

"What about your other kids? They ain't my kids," he responded.

"But them yo' kid's siblings though," she snaps back. "My other kids finna be left out..."

"You didn't feed them?" he asked her.

At some point, he asked Lisa to send his son downstairs to the car to eat his sandwich. He said the boy could eat in his room - away from the other children - or eat in his car.

He also told her that he is only responsible for his child, and she should call the other fathers to feed their own kids.

After some intense back and forth arguing, Lisa grabbed the bag and drink out of his hands and tossed them on the ground.

Her frustrated baby daddy got back in his car and left. Hopefully, he drove straight to the courthouse to file for custody of his son.

The video proves why Lisa is raising her four children as a single mother.

Watch the video below.

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Just when Tim Anderson's wife learned the news that his mistress was pregnant, another mistress has come forward.

According to BSO, the White Sox star has earned the nickname "Tristan of baseball" after a second woman came forward claiming she's been his sidepiece for 5 long years.

In the olden days, a concubine stayed silent while all her bills are paid. But today's mistresses are different. They want to be overnight celebrities.

According to BSO, Dejah Lanee was the first mistress to come forward. She posted her receipts on Instagram and claimed to be pregnant by him. Tim was forced to come clean to his long-suffering wife, Bria Love.

Now Instagram gossip blog @WagsUnfiltered reports that a second woman has come forward.

"At this point WAGs #BriaLove needs to borrow a gun from #NinaThomas because this is just disrespectful cheating... The new lady that’s stepped forward says she’s been allegedly seeing #TimAnderson for about 5 years now. To see more pics and videos log on to the forum and type in "Tim Anderson." Link is in the bio #MLB #Whitesox."

Bria Love and Tim share two minor daughters. And now she will soon be stepmother to two bonus children.

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Rumor has it that Kevin Gates' wife, Dreka, left him for her personal trainer who is at least 15 years her senior.

Since the rumors began swirling about Dreka and her male-identified trainer, videos of the two working out together have been scrubbed from the Internet.

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Word is that Dreka and her alleged lover bought a farm together and are raising their own food and livestock.

Due to the lack of quality men to go around, many young women are pursuing relationships with older women for stability and companionship.

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A Twitter user claims Dreka, 35, had a baby for her personal trainer while he was in jail. Kevin, 36, alluded to the rumor in his new track titled "Super General."

On "Super General" Kevin confirms that he and Dreka Gates are history. He claims that the song "Dreka" was a lie to protect her public image.

"Took the blame in interviews and made it look like I was trippin'/ Made the 'Dreka' song, lied to the world while trying to protect her image," he raps on the record.

Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images

Kevin married the former Dreka Haynes, his high school sweetheart, in October 2015. They share two minor children.

The effeminate rapper name-drops Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rubi Rose, and more in the track.

Kevin raps about Beyonce: "Ain't no disrespect to Jigga, met through Nipsey, that's my n*gga / Don't know if they into swinging, Beyonce need to let me hit her / I'll make her piss all on this d*ck, respectfully, her body shiver..."

If the rumors about Dreka and her personal trainer are true, it's easy to see why Kevin is so upset.

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Jesse Williams' ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee is representing herself in family court after a judge cut off her substantial child support checks.

Last month a judge granted Williams' request to cut Drake-Lee's $40,000 a month child support to just $6,000 a month for the couple's two children.


The sympathetic judge considered Williams' excuse that his revenue dropped drastically from $6 million+ to just $1,600 a week.

It was a huge victory for Williams who quit his lucrative acting gig on ABC TV series "Grey's Anatomy" to pursue a career on Broadway.

Drake-Lee, a real estate broker by trade, is representing herself to increase her child support payments.


Drake-Lee dumped her high-priced attorney, Merissa V. Grayson, according to Radar Online.

Williams said Drake-Lee should get a job and help to support their children.

Williams also accused Aryn of spending "thousands of dollars on failed or failing businesses while failing to seek gainful employment despite having an Ivy League degree, speaking 3 languages, and having a wealth of competitive real estate experience."

Drake-Lee is reportedly outraged at the judge's decision to cut support.

Williams and Drake-Lee will return to court in August to finalize a child support agreement.

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Yung Joc addressed his embarrassing arrest on child abandonment charges in Gwinnett County, Ga. last week.

Joc has at least 6-8 children with five women. He has no children with his wife, Alexandria Robinson, a criminal defense attorney who appeared alongside him on Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.

According to Gwinnett County court documents, Joc, real name Jasiel Amon Robinson, was charged with misdemeanor child abandonment around 4 a.m. on May 5. He was released on bond about an hour later.

The rapper-turned-radio host told listeners on Streetz Morning Takeover radio show on Monday that he's paying one of his baby mamas $5,000 a month in child support, but she wanted more.

Joc, 41, said he had just left an event when he was pulled over by police last week.

"I was sponsoring an event for the mayor of South Fulton and I was going home to get dressed and Atlanta Police Department pulled behind me and they didn't say nothing, they just walked up to the car... I'm sitting here like 'What did you pull me over for?' He never said nothing."

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He added: "I rolled down the passenger window and the female officer said, 'Yup that's him.' Then the [male officer] came to the driver door, 'Sir I'm gonna ask you to get out the car.' I'm like aight. Then he just put handcuffs on me and said, 'You might have a warrant.'"

He continued: "I had been paying so much money up ahead - to stay ahead... once I realized I didn't need to pay this much money - it came to the point, I'm about to get married, I gotta take my time and put finances towards my wedding. But I had spent so much money on child support for this particular child. The mother got mad, and felt like, 'No, you're supposed to keep paying me this.' I said no, let's go to the lawyers and let's get the attorneys involved... We never established what I would pay her a month..."

The "It's Goin' Down" rapper said he was in negotiations with his baby mama, but the negotiations fell through.

"I was paying her upwards to... $5,000 a month... While we were in process of establishing all of my information, my documents, I needed some contracts - when you're a celebrity they go through everything... I didn't know I had a warrant."

Young Thug

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Rapper Young Thug wants people to stop having children until they improve their situation in life.

The "Money" rapper theorizes that the high crime rate in Atlanta is caused by "broke people" bringing poor children into the world.

In a new video, Thugga said:

"God needs to set some rules, bro. We need new rules. We need a new oath, bro. If you dead broke. If you a broke a** ni**a, you should not be able to n*t 'cause you bringing poor kids into this world..."

Rather than blaming women for sleeping with broke bad boys, Thug blames the males directly.

"You making ni**as rob and kill 'cause you runnin' around with no type of career, no nothing, having kids. Now yo' kids growing up wanting sh*t."

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Screencap: YouTube

Thug, who has 6 kids by four baby mamas, said broke men who work check to check should "adjust" to their situation in life.

"Your kids growing up looking at Thug and his game. When you ain't got nothing... Your job don't got nothing to do with what you went to school for, you got to adjust to whatever a ni**a do for you. You can't want top tier situations and you the bottom of the barrel."

Thugga also said women should lower their standards and stop being picky.

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Another woman has come forward with receipts that Rihanna's baby daddy, A$AP Rocky, tried to get with her offline.

Two weeks ago a Portuguese IG model claimed the Harlem rapper reached out to her via direct messages on Instagram.

The woman provided receipts and the gossip went viral. But the pregnant pop star hit back by going on vacation with A$AP in her native Barbados and tipping off the paparazzi.

The cheating gossip faded as their vacation photos hit the blogs last week.

Everything would've been perfect if A$AP didn't get arrested when they returned to the US on 4/20.

Now another woman has come forward with receipts that confirm the rapper's cheating ways.

According to The Sun, Rihanna was about four months pregnant when A$AP allegedly DM'd British paddleboarder Jilly O’Donnell in December.

A$AP, 33, allegedly offered to fly the mother-of-three to Ukraine to meet with him while he was on tour in Europe. He messaged her three times in 10 hours without a response.

When she eventually replied to his DMs he liked her comment with a heart emoji and they exchanged dozens of messages.


After he offered to fly her to Ukraine, Jilly replied: "I can't get to Ukraine haha, I can't even afford Xmas after lockdown last year..."

Rocky responded: "What you guys can't travel anywhere???? That sucks. I just got here. Freezing my f*****g balls off. The gym here is beautiful though."

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Jilly told The Sun, "He has millions of followers on Instagram so God only knows why he chose to message me."

She added:

"That would be crazy but a lot of women probably agree to stuff like that. He's rich and so people will no doubt come running when he clicks his fingers. I know what he'd have been after if I had flown out there but it was all just a bit of a laugh."

She continued:

"I was shocked to see he's with Rihanna, especially the fact she's pregnant. But nothing happened and it was all pretty lighthearted conversation. I hope they'll be very happy together."

We're not shocked by the flurry of cheating reports. Rihanna seems to be drawn to guys she knows will cheat on her.


Rihanna, 34, seemed distressed when they stepped out to Giorgi Baldi's in Santa Monica to attend her baby shower over the weekend. Her feet and ankles were swollen and she looked depressed. Now we know why.

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Maralee Nichols, the mother of Tristan Thompson's youngest son, has revealed the boy's name.

Theo Thompson was born on Dec. 1 in Santa Monica, California.

The NBA star's name is not on his son's birth certificate because he disputed his paternity when his son was born. Nichols also said Thompson's "name was not on the birth certificate because he was not present at Theo's birth."

Clint Brewer Photography/A.I.M / BACKGRID

In an Instagram Story, Thompson confirmed that he fathered the child with the personal trainer, apparently during a one night stand in a Houston hotel last year.

Nichols, 31, explained the meaning behind her son's name.

"Theo, my little angel baby. I named you Theo because it means, 'Gift from God,'" Nichols said in a statement to PEOPLE Thursday.

"I had never been pregnant and had been told I might not be able to have children. I couldn't believe I was pregnant, when I saw you on the ultrasound and heard your little heartbeat I knew I would always protect you and keep you safe. I love you more than you'll ever know. You bring such joy and happiness into my life. My greatest blessing."

Nichols' rep told PEOPLE that Thompson has never met Theo, and he "has done nothing to support their son."

"He has not made any attempt to meet their son nor has he provided any financial assistance," it added. "In the future, we hope that reporters covering this situation contact us to confirm any facts before publishing."

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The drama between DaniLeigh and her baby daddy, DaBaby, continues weeks after the rapper tossed her out of his condo.

The pair dissed each other in a live-stream video that went viral last month.

Their embarrassing fallout, in front of millions, shamed the family and caused her Dominican mom to quit as her manager.

Still, DaniLeigh can't get enough of the rapper, even though he humiliated her.

The singer shaded DaBaby in a caption of a photo of her baby during a doctor's visit.

According to the blogs, she wrote: "Today [white heart emoji] doing it all alone but it's all good cause I love your love baby girl."

Photo may have been deleted


Moments later, she edited the caption and wrote: "Today [white heart emoji] I love your love baby girl."

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The Neighborhood Talk's followers accused DaniLeigh of attention-seeking and using their infant daughter to bash her baby daddy publicly.

DaniLeigh's fans pleaded with her to seek help for her emotional issues.

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Atlanta Hawks fans mocked Charlotte Hornets star PJ Washington by chanting his baby mama's name when he stepped to the free throw line during Sunday's game.

Hawks fans chanted Brittany Renner's name to rattle PJ when he shot free throws.

Their efforts were not rewarded. Atlanta lost a close game 130-127 on their home court despite the Hornets being short four players due to the coronavirus.

PJ and Brittany have an infant son together, but that's all they have in common. The two bitter exes regularly hurl insults at each other on social media.

Brittany, 29, claims the 23-year-old Hornets star threw her and their son out of her home and she lost her car. She was forced to move in with her mom and sister until she can get back on her feet.

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Meanwhile, parents are furious that NFL legend Deion Sanders, who coaches Jackson State University football, invited Brittany to speak to his team.

The single mom proudly posted a video of her pep talk on her Instagram page.

Parents took to Facebook to slam Sanders, 54, for inviting a sports groupie to talk to their boys. One furious father wrote: "I didn't send my son to JSU to be educated by a THOT."

Sanders defended his decision in a post on Instagram:

"It's my responsibility as a Coach to prepare my young men for any and everything on the field and off. I brought in (Renner) to educate them on how the game is played between man & woman at their age & stage. The message may not be for everybody but trust me it's for somebody."


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DaniLeigh might spend the Christmas holidays behind bars after her fight with rapper DaBaby over the weekend.

DaBaby wisely called police after the 26-year-old singer/rapper allegedly attacked him when he ordered her to leave his condo with their 3-month-old baby girl.

"I just want her peacefully removed, which they need to hurry up (and) do as we speak," he said on IG Live. "I ain't even want that behavior on display but it's OK, man this too shall pass, it's all good."

North Carolina officers responded to DaBaby's call and arrested DaniLeigh. A police source tells TMZ she is facing two counts of simple assault. She may face jail time if convicted.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

DaniLeigh, born Danielle Leigh Curiel to Dominican parents, is seen in Instagram Live videos yelling at the rapper.

"This man is mad bc I had a plan b sent to his condo," she claimed on social media.

"All he wanna do is cum in me with no responsibility... Obviously he [probably] want me out so he can f**k on his baby mother and other hoes who been known we been together this whole time while I just had my first child. This all goes to say that this man is a f**king coward!"

She also accused DaBaby of sleeping with his other baby mama and a plethora of groupies.

DaniLeigh appeared depressed, exhausted and unkempt as she raged at her baby daddy, who accused her of moving into his condo with their baby and 2 suitcases.

Jvshvisions / BACKGRID

DaniLeigh, pictured in March, admitted she tried to play house with DaBaby in an effort to domesticate him, but he refused to play along.

"This all goes to say that this man is a f–king coward !!!!!" she shouted. She added that she was asleep after cooking him dinner when he came in with his assistants and tried to kick her out.

"Ima learn and Ima grow ... but this right here ain't it.. and I'm sorry to my baby that her father is kicking her out her home at 3 months," she said.

Someone edited DaniLeigh's Wikipedia page to drag DaBaby to say he went live on DaniLeigh's Instagram to "gaslight, disrespect and embarrass both mother & child".

Photo may have been deleted


Rapper DaBaby denied kicking his 3rd baby mama, DaniLeigh, and their child out of his home over the weekend.

The drama started when DaBaby filmed the obviously distressed singer feeding their 3-month-old daughter. At one point, she held up a pillow to prevent him from filming her.

picsbyalexjr / BACKGRID

DaBaby later claimed the singer hit him and yelled at him while chasing him around his home.

DaBaby's assistant stopped by and told her boss to handle the situation. At which point he made a video to clear the air.

He claimed he called the police for his own safety after Danileigh showed up at his house with their child and two suitcases.

He accused her of stalking his first baby mama and he called the police because she wouldn't leave his home.

"We're not about to do that," DaBaby said in in updated video.

"Me and Danileigh is not together... We do not go together. She does not live with me. I been made it clear... this is not what we doing. I care about my kids fa real. My kids ain't no marketing schemes..."

DaBaby admitted, "I done skeeted in the wrong thang."

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Minutes later, Danileigh stood over DaBaby as he livestreamed. She even swatted her manicured fingers at his cell phone.

"Somebody need to come and make shorty leave," the rapper pleaded.

"I already left your ass," she said. "You want to get on line to talk shit and put everybody in our business trying to act like we haven't been together," she said.

She claimed DaBaby was doing what all rappers do: sleep around with a bunch of groupies. For some reason she thought she was special and that he wouldn't cheat on her.

DaniLeigh criticized DaBaby for allegedly abandoning her when she was pregnant and using their personal private life to promote his EP and upcoming tour.

DaBaby's rap career was resurrected from the ashes after LGBT+ groups gave him their blessings to go on tour.

He was nearly cancelled for his homophobic rant in Miami earlier this year.

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Rick Ross's pockets are a little lighter after he agreed to pay one of his baby mamas $11,000 per month in child support for three children.

According to TMZ, Ross agreed to pay Briana Camille $11,000 per month plus annual payments of up to $3,000 per child and attorney's fees.

His financial records shows Ross earns $585,000 a month from his various business ventures while Camille earns just $142 a month.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

If you recall, Ross filed for joint custody of the minor children he shares with his ex-girlfriend after she slapped him with a paternity suit for their two children, Berkeley and Billion.

Ross, whose real name is William Roberts II, filed a countersuit citing Briana's "erratic behavior" and accusing her of preventing him from seeing the children.

The rapper was criticized for mocking Briana after a DNA test confirmed he is the biological father of Berkeley and Billion.

"I can't believe Fat Girl took the blood test, damn, they said she damn near fell running away from them people when they came to make her take the blood test," he said in a video clip posted on May 18.


Ross called Briana his "surrogate" in the caption, writing "Eyez dat baby papi!! My surrogate always delivers!!! Big Thank you #Fatgirl."

At the time, she was pregnant with their infant named Bless, who recently turned 1.

Ross has two other children, adult daughter Toie Roberts and teenage son, William Roberts III, from previous relationships.

Ross recently gifted his son with his own Wing Stop franchise for his 17th birthday.

He captioned a photo of his son sitting on a throne:

"Everyone wish my son @mmgbigbank

Today he became the owner of his 1st
@wingstop franchise.

Your now officially a BOSS !!!
Keep Going."