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Rapper Future lost his child support battle with Brittni Mealy, one of his 8 baby mamas.

According to court documents obtained by, Future was ordered to pay Brittni $5,000 a month in child support for their 10-year-old son Prince.

The decision was based on Future’s gross monthly income of more than $30,000 while Brittni earns around $14,000 a month online.

The judge said the small increase was necessary based on a “substantial change in the income and financial status of the Father.”

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Future voluntarily paid Brittni $3,000 a month, plus child care expenses. But Brittni asked the court to raise the $3,000 to an amount more suited for her champagne and strawberries lifestyle.

However, the judge reviewed the rapper’s financial records and determined he’s practically broke.

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Brittni filed for child support after she accused Future of making threats at Prince’s 8th birthday party.

Future showed up to court last year demanding Brittni’s child support request be denied and the child support remain the same.

He previously agreed to take out a $350,000 life insurance policy naming their son as the beneficiary. In 2022, he admitted he failed to obtain dental insurance for his son.