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LeBron James still dreams of playing in the NBA with his son — but he has to settle for his 16-year-old son Bryce.

LeBron had pinned his hopes on 18-year-old Bronny to join him in the NBA before he retires. But Bronny was destined for the NBA’s G League.

So LeBron offered NBA teams a 2-for-1 deal — he would sign with any team that drafted Bronny.

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Then tragedy struck on Monday morning: Bronny (left) suffered a cardiac arrest during basketball practice at USC.

Sources say Bronny’s mom, Savannah James, put the brakes on LeBron’s hopes of playing with Bronny in the NBA.

Now LeBron is pinning his hopes on his youngest son, Bryce.

The NBA superstar posted an Instagram photo that shows him coaching Bryce in the gym.

The Lakers star captioned the photo:

“It’s my job to always remain strong & to show them the blueprint regardless of the outcome! #JamesGang #BryceMaximus #MyTwin.”

While many followers praised LeBron for finally showing Bryce some respect, others mocked him for moving on from Bronny so quickly.

Photo may have been deleted