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Tristan Thompson attempted to pay Maralee Nichols $75,000 to abort their unborn son last year. Instead, she packed her bags and moved to California. Her son was born there on December 1.

Now a California judge has ordered Tristan to pay Nichols $40,000 a month in temporary support for the newborn.

The child support amount is based on Tristan's NBA salary of nearly $10 million in 2021. The judge also reviewed Maralee Nichols' bank records and determined she needed the extra support.

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The judge considered the other child support payments Tristan is paying to Khloe Kardashian, the mother of his 3-year-old daughter, True, and Jordan Craig, mother of his son Prince, 4.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tristan is paying $40k per month for his son, and $34k per month for his daughter, based on Khloe's net worth of $50 million.

With all three child support payments combined, Tristan is paying over $1 million a year. The 6'-9" Sacramento Kings forward has earned over $116 million since he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2011.


A DNA test has removed all doubt that Tristan Thompson is the father of Houston fitness trainer Maralee Nichols' baby boy.

Tristan immediately took responsibility for his promiscuous behavior after receiving the test results.

In an Instagram post, he confirmed he fathered the boy -- born on December 1.


"Today paternity test results reveal that I fathered a child with Maralee Nichols," he wrote. The 30-year-old NBA star apologized to his long-suffering baby mama, Khloe Kardashian, 37.


"You don't deserve this," he told Khloe, who looked unbothered as she left a Kardashian family Christmas photo shoot last month.

"Today paternity test results reveal that I fathered a child with Maralee Nichols. I take full responsibility for my actions.

"Now that paternity has been established, I look forward to amicably raising our son. I sincerely apologize to everyone I've hurt or disappointed throughout this ordeal both publicly and privately."


Tristan is the father of Khloe's only child, a 3-year-old daughter named True Thompson. Khloe is pictured leaving her daughter's dance class with BFF Malika Haqq and her son, Ace.

Nichols, 31, filed for child support after moving from Houston to California, where she gave birth.

Her attorney felt vindicated. "There was never any doubt that Tristan Thompson was the father of Maralee Nichols' baby," attorney Harvey Englander told in a statement.


"Tristan made numerous false and defamatory statements and declarations about Maralee over the past few months, and she is taking his contrite statement today in the context of all of those statements."

The baby makes three children by three women for the promiscuous athlete. Tristan fathered a son, Prince, with his ex-girlfriend and Instagram model, Jordan Craig, in 2016.


A Texas judge has dismissed a paternity lawsuit filed by Tristan Thompson against Maralee Nichols -- which he filed in response to her lawsuit against him in California.

A source told Us Weekly magazine that both Thompson, 30, and Nichols, 31, testified via a virtual hearing on Wednesday, Dec. 15. Page Six reported that the case was sealed online after the Sacramento Kings star sought a gag order against Nichols.
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Nichols claims she gave birth to Thompson's son in December 2021 following a torrid 5-month relationship with the NBA star.

"Regardless of whether any act of conception occurred in Texas that could have led to the conception of the child, [Thompson and Nichols allegedly] had a lengthy relationship spanning multiple states," Us Weekly's source said.

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However, Thompson, through his attorneys, disputes the timeline. Thompson claims he had sexual intercourse with Nichols twice on his birthday -- March 13 -- in a Houston hotel room.

He asked the court to move Nichols' suit from California to Houston, where she owns property.

But the judge dismissed his suit and said the case should be heard in California where Nichols allegedly birthed the child and where she currently resides.

Thompson has demanded a paternity test, but Nichols has yet to comply. She filed for child support earlier this year, before the baby was allegedly born.

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Ashanti dismissed rumors that she and rapper Flo Rida are in a longterm relationship.

"Let the people know Ashanti is not with Flo Rida," she told The Breakfast Club. "Be clear! That's my brother. Me and Flo are super cool... We've been going to each other's birthday parties for like, ten years. So, I don't know why it's like, such a surprise."

She continued:

"You know what it is. I got a group of girls I like to vacay with in my family. Flo got his crew in his family. We've been going to each other's birthday parties for like 10 years. So, I don't know why it's such a surprise now... No, first of all it's [the vacations] are not always together. But, it's just he's a good vibe and our teams are good together. He just likes to have fun with family and celebrate. I promise you, it has never been anything remotely close to that [a romantic relationship]."

The R&B singer is catching heat online for dating the deadbeat rapper, real name Tramar Dillard, who fathered at least four children with as many women.

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The 41-year-old "Foolish" singer doesn't acknowledge questions about Zohar or any of the "My House" rapper's children on social media.

Flo Rida refuses to see his 5-year-old disabled son, Zohar Dillard, who lives in New York City with his mom Alexis Adams.

Alexis Adams

Flo Rida saw Zohar once in 2017 when he showed up to provide a DNA sample for a court-order paternity test.

Zohar was kicked out of a private school in NYC for unpaid tuition of $80,000. Adams, who receives temporary child support from Flo Rida, is forced to pay tuition and medical expenses out of her own pocket.

Adams has been battling Dillard in family court for 5 years now.

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Tyrese Gibson's estranged wife Samantha Gibson is trying to take him to the cleaners.

According to a source, Tyrese, 42, filed a motion to disallow unreasonable attorney's fees after a third attorney submitted an entry of appearance to represent Samantha as lead counsel.

She now has three attorneys and is running up a huge legal tab that Tyrese will be on the hook for.

Fans compare Samantha to Nicole Threatt Young, whose legal team was granted $4 million in legal fees from Dr. Dre in their divorce battle.

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According to the motion filed by Tyrese's attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, Samantha "positioned herself in a light that makes her appear to be victimized by [Tyrese]."

Samantha, 32, attempted to settle the child support matter "without court intervention whatsoever," through private mediation.

Samantha is demanding a whopping $20,000 a month for their 3-year-old daughter, Soraya Gibson.

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Fulton Clerk

She asked the court to approve a "Special Master" and an "emergency hearing" when no such emergency existed.

According to her motion, Samantha allegedly claimed that the singer/actor kicked her and their minor child out of his $4 million Buckhead mansion "and then changed the locks."

In reality, Samantha "secretly" packed her bags and moved out of the marital residence while Tyrese was away filming a movie in New Jersey.

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Tyrese, who did not want to break up his family, did eventually change the locks on the residence in September 2020 -- when it became clear that Samantha "had abandoned the residence and absconded with the parties' minor child."

According to Tyrese's motion, he was blindsided by Samantha's divorce action last year.

Tyrese Gibson & wife Samantha


However, Samantha reportedly claimed their marriage fell apart because Tyrese, a world famous actor, was working too much.

Although the terms of their prenuptial agreement are not made public, Tyrese gave Samantha an allowance of $10,000 a month throughout their 3 1/2-year marriage. She was a housewife and mom without a single bill to pay, meaning the $10,000 a month was hers to spend on whatever she wished.

In addition to $20,000 a month in child support, Samantha also wants Tyrese to pay 100% of the child's expenses, including medical bills, private school, nannies, etc.

Tyrese Gibson & wife Samantha


Her demands far exceed what Georgia courts have been known to grant for child support in the past. It's highly unlikely that Samantha will get what she's asking for.

In the meantime, Tyrese and his 25-year-old girlfriend, Zelie, are still going strong, despite rumors that they broke up last month.

In a recent Instagram post, Zelie wrote:

"@tyrese We've made so many beautiful memories thus far. It's almost scary how we are just getting started."


Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly referred to Samantha Lee Gibson as Tyrese's "ex-wife." She is his estranged wife. Their final divorce hearing is set for December 6 and 7 at the Fulton County Superior Court in downtown Atlanta.

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Rick Ross's pockets are a little lighter after he agreed to pay one of his baby mamas $11,000 per month in child support for three children.

According to TMZ, Ross agreed to pay Briana Camille $11,000 per month plus annual payments of up to $3,000 per child and attorney's fees.

His financial records shows Ross earns $585,000 a month from his various business ventures while Camille earns just $142 a month.

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If you recall, Ross filed for joint custody of the minor children he shares with his ex-girlfriend after she slapped him with a paternity suit for their two children, Berkeley and Billion.

Ross, whose real name is William Roberts II, filed a countersuit citing Briana's "erratic behavior" and accusing her of preventing him from seeing the children.

The rapper was criticized for mocking Briana after a DNA test confirmed he is the biological father of Berkeley and Billion.

"I can't believe Fat Girl took the blood test, damn, they said she damn near fell running away from them people when they came to make her take the blood test," he said in a video clip posted on May 18.


Ross called Briana his "surrogate" in the caption, writing "Eyez dat baby papi!! My surrogate always delivers!!! Big Thank you #Fatgirl."

At the time, she was pregnant with their infant named Bless, who recently turned 1.

Ross has two other children, adult daughter Toie Roberts and teenage son, William Roberts III, from previous relationships.

Ross recently gifted his son with his own Wing Stop franchise for his 17th birthday.

He captioned a photo of his son sitting on a throne:

"Everyone wish my son @mmgbigbank

Today he became the owner of his 1st
@wingstop franchise.

Your now officially a BOSS !!!
Keep Going."

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A Chicago judge who revoked a mother's custody of her 11-year-old son until she got vaccinated has reversed his decision.

Rebecca Firlit, a 39-year-old desk clerk, was surprised when Cook County Judge James Shapiro asked about her vaccination status during a virtual child support hearing with her ex-husband.

Firlit explained that she had "adverse reactions in the past and was advised not to get vaccinated by her doctor. It poses a risk."

But Judge Shapiro revoked Firlit's custody of her 11-year-old son until she got the vaccine.
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Firlit's attorney, Annette Fernholz, immediately appealed the order, arguing that Shapiro overstepped his authority as a judge.

"In this case you have a judge, without any matter before him regarding the parenting time with the child deciding 'Oh, you're not vaccinated. You don't get to see your child until you are vaccinated.' That kind of exceeds his jurisdiction," Fernholz told Fox 32 Chicago.

"You have to understand the father did not even bring this issue before the court. So it's the judge on his own and making this decision that you can't see your child until you're vaccinated," she added.

Fernholz said Judge Shapiro reversed his order on Monday.

"Judge Shapiro just issued an order vacating portions of his prior order of August 11th so Rebecca Firlit can see her son again," Fernholz told Fox 32.

She said the judge likely reversed his decision following "media outcry".

"I think there's been a lot of media outcry. The divorce bar here in Illinois has been responding when they saw it on the news," Fernholz said.

Another attorney representing Firlit's son said Firlit became "volatile" during the child support hearing, and her behavior may have influenced the judge.

But Firlit denied doing anything to endanger her child. "It definitely was not a reason to take my child away from me," she said.

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When Rebecca Firlit attended a virtual child custody hearing with her ex-husband on Aug. 10, the first thing Cook County Judge James Shapiro asked was whether she was vaccinated.

Firlit, a 39-year-old desk clerk, explained that she had "adverse reactions in the past and was advised not to get vaccinated by her doctor. It poses a risk."

But the judge revoked her custody until she got the vaccine that poses a risk to her health.

Firlit's attorney, Annette Fernholz, immediately filed an appeal of the judge's order. Fernholz said her client has been divorced seven years and she and her ex share custody.

Firlit told the Sun-Times she thought the hearing would cover child support and child expenses - not custody.

"One of the first things he asked me when I got on the Zoom call was whether or not I was vaccinated, which threw me off because I asked him what it had to do with the hearing," Firlit said.

"I was confused because it was just supposed to be about expenses and child support. I asked him what it had to do with the hearing, and he said, 'I am the judge, and I make the decisions for your case.'"

Firlit said she hopes an appellate court will rule in her favor because she believes the judge overreached his judicial authority.

She said the only contact she has had with her son since Aug. 10 is by phone.

"I talk to him every day. He cries, he misses me. I send him care packages," she said.

Fernholz said she hopes an appellate court gets involved this week and reverses Shapiro's ruling.

"It's very much exceeding his judicial authority," she said.

Jeffrey Leving, who represents Firlit's ex-husband, told the Sun-Times he was not expecting the judge to ask about vaccinations. However, the father - who is fully vaccinated - agrees with the judge's decision.

"We support the judge's decision," Leving said, before adding they will fight Firlit's appeal.


Kelly Clarkson has been ordered to pay her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, $195,000 -per-month in spousal and child support.

The legal victory comes as People magazine reports that Brandon requested $436,000 a month in spousal support and child support from Kelly.

A Los Angeles County Court judge issued the order this week following a hearing on the former couple's property and child custody, according to documents obtained by The Blast.

Court docs lists the singer/TV personalty's monthly income at over $1.5 million.

The new payment plan is back dated to April 1, 2021.

Adriana M. Barraza/

The documents also reveal Brandon has given up his career as a manager in the entertainment business and is becoming a "rancher full-time".

During the former couple's ongoing divorce, Kelly asked the court to allow her to sell their Montana ranch, but the judge denied the request and ordered Brandon to start covering the costs of the property.

According to the new order, Clarkson is also required to pay $1.25 million to cover Brandon's attorneys fees.

The singer filed for divorce in 2020, after seven years of marriage.

Kelly was previously granted primary physical custody over the couple's 2 minor children.

Originally published on: Dec 1, 2020:

Adriana M. Barraza/

Kelly, 38, filed for divorce from Blackstock in June after 7 years of marriage. They share daughter, River Rose, 6, and son, Remington Alexander, 4. Blackstock also has two children from a previous marriage: Seth, far left, and Savannah, 2nd from left.

A source tells People that Blackstock, 43, has been "unreasonable" in his requests for support and attorney's fees from the 2002 American Idol winner.

"Kelly's offered to pay for all the kids' expenses, but Brandon seems to think he is entitled to and needs $301,000 in spousal support and $135,000 in child support per month," said the source.

Blackstock claims he needs $5.2 million a year to continue living the life of luxury that he was accustomed to while married to Kelly.

The source said, "Additionally, he's already asked for $2 million for attorney fees when he's the one driving up the cost of the divorce with seven attorneys just representing him alone.

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