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Lisa, a single mom of four, went viral after she recorded herself throwing away her son’s McDonald’s meal because his father didn’t bring enough food for all of her kids.

Lisa didn’t expect the backlash that followed after she tried to “expose” her baby’s daddy for bringing lunch for his son, but not her other three kids.

On Wednesday, she recorded a TikTok video responding to the public backlash.

She explained that the father of her youngest child fed her other 3 children McDonald’s while they were together. But after they broke up, he stopped treating her other children to Happy Meals.

Photo may have been deleted

Now she’s bitter because he brings McDonald’s meals for his son – who he’s responsible for.

“All my other kids knew him,” she explained.

“He was buying them McDonald’s when we were together. My kids have to go through a transition of our break up as well… So now my kids have to see only one of their siblings get McDonald’s and not the rest of them?”

She continued:

“And they know it’s coming from you because, of course… me and you used to be together. They used to see you, you used to do it for them. But now you don’t want to do that for them anymore. Like, to me that’s petty. That’s petty, like, it’s not fair. You’re not gonna give one child McDonald’s and not all the other kids McDonald’s.”

She added:

“I don’t care what everybody else have to say about it. Y’all could judge me. Oh well, I could be the villain, but I said what I said! Like, if you can’t bring everybody McDonald’s, then can’t nobody have McDonald’s then, periodt!”

Watch the videos below.


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