Amara La Negra

In this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Amara La Negra invites Prince Michael Harty to participate in her choreography class to prepare for her upcoming music video. Afterwards, Amara and Prince discuss their ongoing tension with castmates Jojo Zazur and Bobby Lytes. Shay Johnson just happens to walk into the dance studio, and she warns Amara that Jojo is not her friend.


“I already noticed where your loyalty was, and it’s over there with that angry bird,” says Shay, who still feels some kind of way about Amara “divorcing” her for Jojo.


Spectacular and his best man Baby Blue Whoaaaa shop for outfits for Spec’s bachelor party.

Bobby and Jojo

Bobby and Jojo discuss their beef with Amara over drinks. Bobby tells Jojo to give Amara a taste of her own medicine.


Jojo tells Bobby she’s having difficulty sleeping, and she believes Amara put “roots” on her.

Bobby Lytes

Bobby is alarmed. He tells Jojo he’s Cuban so he’s very familiar with roots and Santeria. He thinks Jojo should take the threat seriously and get protection.

Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy invites Khaotic, Gunplay, and Young Hollywood to the beach to catch their own fish for lunch.

Amara La Negra

Amara confronts Jojo at her performance at a Miami Beach nightclub. While they’re arguing, Bobby shows up wearing an afro wig and an attitude.


Amara explains to Bobby why she thinks he is petty. Bobby tells Amara she is evil and he knows she put “roots” on poor Jojo.


Castmate Liz Cifuentes tells Bobby she knows he’s in love with Prince, but Prince doesn’t want him because he is not ghey.


Outraged, Bobby snatches his wig off and throws it at Liz, who catches it and throws it back at him. Amara tells club security to escort Bobby outside.


Trick Daddy challenges Khaotic to a cookoff in the park. If Khaotic wins, Trick promises to record a feature on his track.


The cookout is going well. Everyone is having a grand time – except for Bobby and Jojo who want to clear the air with castmate Veronica Vega. Bobby grabs Jojo by the arm and walks her over to Veronica’s table. But things don’t go as well as he’d hoped. Unfortunately, a catfight breaks out between Jojo and Veronica.

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