An Oklahoma Arby’s manager is in jail without bond after she fatally shot a customer who spit in her face at the drive-thru window, and repeatedly threatened her.

Desean Tallent, 25, died late Saturday night after he was shot by Deionna Young following an altercation at the Tulsa, Oklahoma restaurant.

Video shows Tallent spitting in Young’s face at the drive-thru window, and vowing to “come back and hurt her,” according to the Tulsa Police Department.

Young reported the incident to police and Tallent was named as a suspect.

On Saturday, Tallent returned to the restaurant and circled the parking lot in his car.

Young reportedly ran out of the restaurant, got into her car and pursued Tallent, according to police.

After a brief “cat and mouse chase” through city streets, Young pulled alongside Tallent’s car and fired a single shot. He was struck in the chest and crashed into a Walmart, police say.

Young calmly drove back to work.

She was arrested the following Monday after police reviewed the restaurant surveillance footage.

Young confessed to firing a shot at Tallent, and she was charged with first-degree murder.

An Arby’s spokesman said the franchise owner is cooperating with the investigation. Young is no longer employed at the restaurant.