Rappers aren’t safe in the streets after bragging and flossing their diamond chip jewelry on Instagram. Blac Chyna’s ex-boy toy, rapper YBN Almighty Jay was beaten and robbed by a gang of thugs in New York last night.

The 19-year-old rapper is seen in various videos being assaulted and robbed of his jewelry and cash by about 10 members of a street gang.

In one video, Jay sits on the ground as gang members kick and stomp him while yelling expletives at him. In another video, he is swarmed and practically stripped naked by thugs in the lobby of a building. “That’s the YBN ni–a? Take his chain! Take his chain!” someone shouts in the background.

In the last video, the rapper is seen running for his life down a darkened street.

The assault and robbery appears to be in retaliation for a previous incident involving Jay.

The rapper turned himself in to police in January for allegedly stealing another rapper’s jewelry. YBN Almighty Jay and his entourage reportedly stole a $40k chain, a $20k Rolex and $20,000 in cash, according to TMZ.

He denied stealing the jewels and cash. The rapper was booked for grand theft and released.


Blac Chyna and Jay dated briefly last year. They are pictured here at LAX Airport in April 2018.