Some of my loyal readers objected to me calling elderly rapper Jay-Z “roughneck” in this post yesterday. Some of my readers are too young to remember when roughnecks were considered the ultimate symbols of male sexuality in the hood.

Roughnecks were desired because they weren’t afraid to display their masculine pulchritude in wife beaters and jeans that sagged just so off their hips – not all the way down their thighs like today’s boys.

Today, liberals call hunky male attributes “toxic masculinity.”

Back in the day, roughnecks were so coveted, that rap icon MC Lyte paid homage to them in her 1993 hit song “Ruffneck”.

Your mothers and aunties nodded in agreement when they heard Lyte express her honest and direct admiration for bad boys.

    Drink a beer, sittin’ in his chair
    Hands in his pants fiddlin’ with his d*ck hairs
    He’s a rudeboy, a raggamuff
    Ready to bag another brother that he ranks not ruff enough
    ‘Cause if it ain’t ruff, it ain’t right
    And if he ain’t right, well then he’s all wrong for the Lyte
    I love my ruffneck and ain’t nothing going down
    Or going up if my ruffneck ain’t in town

Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images