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Houston activist Quanell X says suspect Derion Vence confessed to killing 4-year-old Maleah Davis in an accident in the apartment he shared with her mother, Brittany Bowens (inset).

Maleah has now been missing for over a month. She was last seen alive on April 30 outside her mother's apartment. She was reported missing by Vence on Saturday, May 4. He told police he was carjacked by three Hispanic males who knocked him out and took the girl.

On Friday morning, Quanell X told reporters he spoke with Vence in jail where Vence expressed his remorse and confessed to killing the child in an accident.

He allegedly told Quanell he dumped the child's body on the side of the road in Arkansas. Investigators are reportedly on their way to the location.

On Thursday, Quanell said he was no longer a spokesman for Bowens because she has not been truthful.

He said he didn't think Brittany Bowens knows where her daughter is, but he believes she knows what happened to her daughter.

A reward for information leading to an arrest in the case has been increased to $27,000.

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Vence was arrested on May 11 and charged with tampering with a human corpse. Houston police said they believe Maleah is dead.

Bowens contacted Quanell after a neighbor turned over security footage to police that shows Bowens was at home the last day Maleah was seen alive. Bowens had told police she didn't see her daughter on April 30.

Quanell told KHOU 11 that he saw red flags after just two days on the job. The activist claimed sources in Bowens' family told him troubling details about Maleah's care.

"Ain't no way in hell a parent with common sense would have handled this entire situation the way Brittany handled this entire situation," Quanell said.

Quanell said he continued to represent Bowens in the hopes he would learn something useful to tell police.

"(She) said to me when we (were) riding in my car what she believed really happened to Maleah," he told KHOU 11. "At that point, I knew what needed to be done. So I arranged to meet as quickly as I could with investigators at the highest level of this case and shared everything that we had learned and discovered."


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  • MJF

    Arrest the mother, WHY IS SHE STILL FREE??? WHY??? RIP Maleah, beautiful angel...

  • Bree

    I'm still trying to figure out how is that the detectives nor his attorney could get him to confess.

  • Thee Lovelii Ladii Jaye ?

    An accident? Yeah, sure. Lock his asz up and get her mama too. Fly high sweet baby Maleah.

  • WhoKnew

    My sentiments as well. Rest on baby girl.

  • Latisaj


  • Jay

    That B!$%h knew that from the beginning arrest her ass.

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    Give them the Same damn "accident"

  • xxxgracious

    And she got the nerve to talk about the day she was born. Oh goody you had a child only to allow her to get killed after 4 years. Sorry c*nt.....I can't yall. This hits to close to home I got an almost 4 year old and I be damned if I carried him for 9 months only to allow my boyfriend to harm him. I'm going to watch this boy GRADUATE high school and college and help him with his career and watch him get married and have children. That's a PARENT...Yall have a good weekend. This breaks my heart!

  • Kanyade

    he dumped the child's body on the side of the road in Arkansas

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    With brass knuckles on 4 REAL.

  • SugarFoot a.k.a Ty

    He allegedly told Quanell he dumped the child's body on the side of the road in Arkansas. Investigators are reportedly on their way to the location.
    Can we take turns monkey stomping both of their stupid azzes!?!?! This baby has been on my heart heavy and he just threw her away on the side of the phucking road *real tears*. Everybody needs to be held accountable down to the sorry as child protective services department.

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    Accident my áss. Him and that POS mother of hers, tortured and killed that poor baby. She probably died during one of their MANY torture sessions, that went too far, so they decided to get rid of the body. I got a feeling he'll be snitching on the mother real soon.

  • Bree

    I don't believe she was involved, however, I do believe this has been catching her guard. Either she used Maleah as her punching bag or he used Maleah as one. I don't believe she was involved physically with her murder. I do believe she knew what he was doing and turned a blind eye because of her lusts and desires for him.

  • MJF

    Wait what? So you believe she used Maleah as a punching bag, she knew what he was doing and turned a blind eye... That constitutes a crime. LOCK HER UP!

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    This guy Vence is safer in jail anyway. As much public anger as there is over this case, if they released him on bail he might end up dead within a week.

  • Guest

    RIP Maleah. You did not deserve this. Now you can be properly laid to rest.

  • Tee Tee

    That funky looking b*tch knew exactly what happened! It was written all over her face.
    How dare this muthaf*cka say he accidentally killed this sweet beautiful angel then in the same f*cking breath say he left her body on the side of the f*cking road.
    I'm so f*cking pissed ?
    He should've just killed himself and that lying b*tch!

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Yeah that pic of that baby says a lot..look like she had just been scorned. The look of fear and the way her lil hands are as if she's nervous... Yet black folks be calling one another KINGS & QUEENS whom are envied by other races...FOH! DON'T blame WHITE FOLKS FOR THIS ZHIT!

  • Clobaby_

    I'm sick of this shit! Just tell everyone exactly where this baby is so she can be laid to rest!

  • Yoni7


  • KG

    anyone else notice the daughter is still technically only missing in this interview and the mother is talking about her in the past tense like she knows she's dead? that's usually a key indicator police use in cases where husbands kill their wives etc and claim they're missing...

  • Yoni7

    I always wonder when things like this happen..........what made you even think about hitting/molesting the child THE VERY FIRST TIME! Like how was it ok for you to put your hands on the child THE FIRST TIME! Then after that, do it and keep doing it and then to ultimately murder the baby? Who raised you?

  • MistaO

    The "mother" probably murdered the child as well.

  • MistaO

    Because she's the muuuutha, they never do wrong and always are the victims ?

  • stav

    I watched 2.3 seconds of that video , and when the trifling mother started talking , I couldn't continue! She gets none of my time ..don't care to see her face or hear her lies.

  • Yoni7

    I doubt it. George Zimmerman is still walking the streets.

  • SoulfulLove

    I wonder if mom or stepdad took out a life insurance policy recently on this baby..possible motive

  • Shenanigans1

    My heart weeps for this little girl.

  • Nina Ross

    So did he do this investigation to collect the reward money? I guess he does deserve it if they find her smdh

  • Janice Collins

    Which Arkansas? Was he in a spaceship? This sound like some ole BS

  • Nunya Business

    Probably. He gets people to confess more than people know. Whatever his motives he's been affective more than once.

  • Janice Collins

    So is OJ what’s the point

  • BlockingTrollsAllYearLong

    OMFG. I do not want this sizzling in my spirit. I don't think I can watch this video. No No No No.

  • Nunya Business

    Quanell has done this before. Something about him gets them to talk.

  • Witch

    I cant stomach watching it so I'll just read the comments for updates .

  • Witch

    These two ain't black folks these two are evil demons.

  • Witch

    Hopefully not a goose chase. Wouldn't be surprised if he lied again.

  • LeeSeeCee

    This poor baby is no longer suffering. I pray that she is at peace, but, it totally sucks that her short life was filled with pain and horror. This baby was failed on so, so many levels and it's just sickening.

  • Julia Lyons

    Quanell X wants that reward money. Now that is has ballooned, he is giving the authorities more pertinent information.

  • Marlika

    I can’t no more with this case. I pray that baby’s soul is at peace.

  • Marlika

    He doesn’t deserve to get squat!

  • Julia Lyons

    I wholeheartedly agree!

  • teather

    This is the most awful sh*t ever. I'm sure God has placed this child in His arms. It's just too much to handle. The details are astonishing and shameful.

  • Shamwow

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out that he hit moms skins and a lot of his information came out of pillow talk. He already set the scenario that mom is a liar too. ?? throw them all away.

  • Love Luv

    Remains were found in a trash bag. Please lock these parents up under the jail

  • RaeRae

    Where did you see this info at?

  • Prettybootnikki

    They have now found her body. So sad. Dumped on the side of a road like trash in Arkansas

  • Prettybootnikki

    The news here in Houston just reported it not too long ago

  • Logan Roberts

    Poor baby ? ?

  • RaeRae


  • Witch

    Finally! ?

  • 2gr8ful

    And Casey Anthony smh

  • 2gr8ful

    This piece of trash wasted people’s time and money with all those searches knowing good and well the child was dead. The mother did not protect her child. If the family was so concerned why didn't they step in to save the little girl? When an innocent child dies, I am so sick of family claiming that they knew something was not right. I know we can’t save the world but maybe if they could have convinced the authorities of her abuse things would be different? Maybe document any evidence they saw like an inconsistent scar or bruise. Someone should have protected her.

  • mzwhang90210

    Notice how that mother in the interview is constantly referring to Maleah in the PAST tense?!? Meanwhile Quanell X is saying he wants to find Maleah, as if she's still alive. THIS interview shows the mother knew the baby was dead. (I've seen interviews where parents KNEW their kids were dead, but still referred to the child in the present tense.)
    Now they've found remains in a bag that MAY be Maleah's. So sad.
    I love you little angel. ???

  • Bree

    I'm not saying she isn't to blame for neglect. Of course she neglected her daughter, shod she pay a price, yes. Truth be told, she is already paying the price for not being more careful with who she breeds with and who she opened her doors too. Some people bring out the worse in you. Trust that there is no jail that will be able to hold her mind.

  • Bree

    I would hope he did it for the right reasons, because if it were my child, I would want the same.

  • Witch

    Brittney Bowens moved out

  • Bree

    Remains were found in Arkansas, no report on whether it is Maleah. Vence confessed so hopefully this baby can be put to rest the proper way.

  • Ruth

    He said she is dead but wants to find her body. Don’t think too hard.

  • Witch

    Human remains found in that black trash bag
    they just have to identify it as Maleah first.

  • Bree

    Sandra, remains were found a few days ago. Articles of clothing, and they have not confirmed that it is Maleah. Bag found with foul odor. Arkansas's sheriff says that all they have, unable to confirm until search is over. Other search crews are heading to Arkansas. Quanell X said that Vence acted cold towards the situation. He said Vence was more concerned about himself, then Maleah.

  • Lynette Collins

    Texas just legalized brass knuckles lol no joke

  • Rent em Spoons ?????????

    Damnitt mane , Damnit R.I.P to that innocent girl

  • abby500

    That lawyer is full of shat and attention seeking. The “mother” is a self centered self serving demon.

  • abby500

    Well of course he was more concerned with himself. He killed her and has lied abt it

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    I dont think they should be illegal.

  • abby500

    I just don’t understand how a person can sit by and let someone injured and eventually kill a child. THEIR OWN child at that.

  • GrambosTheHealer

    Deeply disturbing...prayers for everyone involved.

  • Kimberly King

    He is so thirsty. He needs to be locked up for jumping to the defense of this animal.

  • MNjumpoffacliff

    So dang sad

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Looking at that inset pic of the "mother" she got all made up for the camera huh.. Twirled that baby hair, put on her lipstick, just camera ready... Looking very UNBOTHERED! She bout to live a living hell! I got the lighting fuel who got the match?

  • Nunya Business

    Who needs to be locked up?

  • Nunya Business

    I disagree. Quanell has gotten more than one murderer to confess and/or turn themself in. Maybe he is in it for the money but at the same time he has assisted with the resolution of more than one murder case in Houston. Whatever his motives he gets results. Without his input, they may not have found her remains when they did and he also got a confession, which is more than what the authorities were able to do. He doesn't need to be locked up at in in my opinion.

  • Kimberly King

    Lol I mean ... who else jumped to this broad's defense? I don't even have even have to say his name, because his name is plastered over the post. Use context clues

  • Ms.Devereaux

    Sadly I think had he not jumped on the bandwagon we would not have any answers and this child body would have to remained out there for idk how long some how he gained that moms trust and that boyfriend trust enough to figure out she ain’t shit and where that child’s body was. Even though his motives at the beginning may or may not have been good SOME good came out of this.

  • Kimberly King

    You got a point.

  • Maxey Ross

    Her fault for bringing a nigga in her home with her child. DUMMY. She is not fit to be a mother. May the boyfriend rot in hell.

  • Yoni7

    MY point is......nobody has done anything to GZ for killing a young unarmed black boy. IDC about what OJ did. Hope you get the point now, sweetie.

  • disqus_FW7pCIigCY

    BOTH SHOULD BE BURNED ALIVE..DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trace da Ace

    I knew it!!!!!! Both of them should get the electric chair!!!!

  • RAE23

    I must say that I could care less what his reasons are if it turns out that he helps find that beautiful baby.