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The Internet is split over a viral video that shows a proud mother celebrating her son’s graduation in a manner that many say was distasteful and disrespectful.

The video shows a voluptuous busty woman wearing a yellow jumpsuit that left nothing to the imagination.

When her son’s name was called, the woman jumped out of her seat and began twerking in front of the shocked student body.

The online reaction to the video is mixed, with many viewers saying they don’t know how they would react at their son’s graduation.

But others say the mother is an attention-seeker who stole the spotlight from her son on his special day.

“Proud but doing to much,” said one Instagram user.

Another IG user wrote, “Embarrassing if I was the child. It’s not your day sheesh”.

Questions: 1. Was it inappropriate for the mother to twerk at her son’s graduation? 2. Would you twerk at your son’s graduation? 3. Did the school’s resource officer take too long to put a stop to the vulgar display?

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