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Michael Eric Dyson is blaming President Donald Trump for acts of bullying at his granchild’s school in DC. Dyson, a Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University, took to Twitter on Monday to complain about a child bullying his grandson at a private school in an affluent area of Washington, DC.

“Why am I heading to my 6 year-old grandson’s elementary school in affluent neighborhood in DC because a white kid called him a “nigger” & threatened to go get a gun & shoot him??? The kid not yet kicked out nor the police called ???
Welcome again to Trump’s white racist America”.

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Some of Dyson’s Twitter followers expressed sympathy for his grandchild’s situation, while others reminded him that the child is 6-years-old and bullying was a problem before Trump was elected. One Twitter user told Dyson he was overreacting.

The late comedian Richard Pryor’s grandchild is also being bullied at her school. Rain Pryor, Richard’s daughter, posted an Instagram video complaining about the culture of bullying at her daughter’s school in Baltimore City.

In the video, Rain said a group of children sent a text message to her daughter saying they wanted to kill her.

She captioned the video,

“Call To Action Against Bullying occurring RIGHT NOW at daughter’s school! I need accountability against bullying in our schools and my child’s school and I need it NOW!!”

“I am taking political action to shift policies around bullying. Baltimore City Public Schools WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore WBFF FOX 45 PARENTS AGAINST SCHOOL VIOLENCE @ Parent2Parent Network Champions Against Bullying PLEASE SHARE”.

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