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Steph Curry's wife Ayesha Curry will soon graduate from the same prestigious business school as Ciara Wilson.

Ayesha tells Girlboss Radio she is furthering her college education by enrolling in Harvard Business School - the same school Russell Wilson's wife, Ciara, recently graduated from.

"I haven't talked about this publicly, but I'm taking this Harvard Business School online course thing right now. And I've stuck with this so I'm really, I'm really proud of myself."

Ayesha, 30, already has a busy schedule as a working mother-of-three, entrepreneur and TV chef. She said it is important to delegate work to her staff at work, as well as to her team of nannies, babysitters, cooks and housemaids at home.

"One of the things that I just learned in the class is like, it’s the way you delegate is very important as a leader and to be inclusive and open and not to create consensus bias in your work space. It's something that I'm looking forward [to] implementing into my own business because I know sometimes I get really passionate about an idea and I tend to advocate and I’m learning now that it's not necessarily good to be an advocator and so I'm, I'm just really excited to kind of like refocus and not advocate so much that people can give me their opinions."

When asked if her three children planned to follow in Steph Curry's footsteps, Ayesha said she takes inspiration from former first lady and unlicensed therapist Michelle Obama.

"I read [Michelle’s book] 'Becoming' and Michelle Obama said not to ask children what they want to be when they grow up because what does that mean, right?" she said. "Like then they have this ideal of something they have to achieve and then they don't achieve it. And then it creates this anxiety and this ongoing thing of like, 'I have to achieve this and if I don't, then what?' I said, what are you interested in? It's always in my mind, 'Don’t ask her what she wants to be.'"

Ayesha made headlines last month when she complained publicly that she wasn't getting enough attention from the men who follow her on Instagram.

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    Looks at Ayesha's Sponge Bob body in that outfit, shakes head and walks out.>>>>>> see ya'll next post.

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    Are we sure Blac Chyna didn't too. She was dragged and then 50 11 folk did

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    not doing this again. nope!

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    Everything about her is an annoying mess!

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    did ya'll see cardi new video for press? - its interesting. Nikki gonna have a stroke, lol

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    The song sucks!

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    She didn't follow Michelle Obama when she wants other men attention While She is a married woman!!!

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    The lies all for a Title or Prestige chile ..... Harvard credibility is crumbling ....Gon to da student booksotre Ayesha and get you a sweater chile to look the part chile ........

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    Smh!! There is nothing more less attractive then a man with all his exes and possibly a couple of one nighters tatted all over his body!!! ?

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    Yep...we saw this coming

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    Wtf is she wearing?!? Not flattering on her at all.. Ugh...shes annoying! Attention seekin azz!! ??

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    It's a certification course and not a degree. But, it's still cool to get if from Harvard. But why they fronting, like they are really putting in work towards a degree? Anyway...

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    Just seen it and lawd .... she will be mad ..... lawd

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    SpongeBob SquarePants..

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    These wimmenz has some catching up tew dew....Siovaughn Funchess Wade has 5 degrees tew their one

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    Anybody with enough money can get a certificate from Harvard I see. I think at least making six figures is a prerequisite for the course lol

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    OT: RIP Beth Chapman. I know Dog The Bounty Hunter is beyond sad.

  • WutizstillHERE!

    I found this thing called Courera They let you get classes and certificates from any university you want just about. The issue is the actual school do not acknowledge the credits. They are certificated programs only. So this is why China and Ayesha can say Im taking classes from Harvard and not go through the process of being accepted. its like community college continuing education type situation.

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    I’m sure that her milkshake in this outfit bought all the boys to the yard?

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    Cassandra Rose you know she didn’t say that part about delegating to nannies, housekeepers etc..... you added that part. Yoy cutting up on his beautiful day!

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    I saw a meme yesterday that said "I dont make milkshakes cause I dont want no one in my got damn yard"... I hollered...

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    I think she did...but once the media found out they told her no thanks...

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    Okay, Ayesha! Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose for people like her and Ciara to release this information. I'll take "attention" for 200, Alex.

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    Really!? Oh my!! I guess they lasted longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries.

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    Blac Chyna could not get in...Maybe ICDC has a course...

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    Basically CLE .... good jobs offer these certificate programs certainly doesn't equate to any damn degree .... not even close to an associates ..... Folks can miss my azz .......

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    Awww! God never makes mistakes. Prayers up for them.

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    Good for her!!

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    “Daily Double! Make a true Daily Double?”

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    A try hard. Poor thang.

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    Sooo can anybody take this course? Do they offer financial aide? Asking for my mama ?

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    Nothing that Ayesha describes, about her classes at Harvard, are enlightening enough to warrant the course - let alone a blog story?.
    And I’m not about to drag that horrible ensemble again ?????

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    i said it immediately- especially compared to that lame megatron video

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    i'm not a fan but i been saying press,press,press,press,press! cardi dont need more press! all day

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    Girl bye.....

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    I said the same thing. We know Sandra so well.

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    Who is thirstier, this one or Ciara? Lately it fluctuates but Ima go with Ciara this wk due to that idiotic vid she made twerking to Hot Girl Megan in Russell's face. It took her 3x to get his attention but really it was Megan's attention she was thirsting for. She got it--Megan acknowledged her a day or so ago... Anywho--good luck to Ayesha, at least she has ligit business ventures that make this make sense (cookbooks, restaurant, food network etc).

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    It's the one of the daily double. Do you want to make it a truly daily double? …..LOL

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    she is not looking good at all a little attention seeker whats going on with her why she seeking or trying so hard

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    Damn shame yearbook gonna be half a page for a 3 day 24 hour course.

  • Rayscoty

    "Michelle Obama said not to ask children what they want to be when they grow up"

    So you letting this stranger tell you how to raise your children..

    Can anybody think for themselves without a celebrity input. GEESH

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    ? I was just thinking ? Playtex needs to throw a few promo bras her way.

  • TheWildChild

    Where can we sign up for this class? Or is it only offered to celebrities donors ?

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    Good for her!!! Black girls doing it how they can get it...I love it

  • Evillene

    It's a correspondence course. Ayesha and Ciara -- working together and dividing the labor -- couldn't finish a book.

  • dontgetblocked

    That is dumb advice from Michelle Obama. Most children are NOT privileged and they need to start working towards a goal in elementary school. If they like science and math, put them in organizations and classes where they develop their skills. They could become doctors or engineers. They need to start early so they can compete with future classmates who had doctors and engineers for parents. This woman needs to concentrate on buying some shorts that fit her better. She swears she's a CEO. No. You're a basketball wife. No more and much less productive than the average mom out here doing it herself team to help her with the kids and house duties.

  • J2PC

    She has a PR team that works hard at trying to give her an image of CEO to make feel like she's more than a basketball wife. It all started with giving her a cooking show on the network.

    From there, it's onto selling cookware, bedding & clothing products. Now, it's onto a weekend seminar course for a certificate. But, let's call it graduating from Harvard. lol

  • J2PC

    Isn't that the truth!! They wish that they were Ivy League status. Anybody with a B- GPA or happens to be an entrepreneur can sign up for Harvard's online business extension certificate course.

    We are fooled by them trying to pretend that they are on the same level as those who are in a Harvard 4yr college Degree or higher program.

    -it's a certificate program to put together an illusion or mirage of a fake image.

  • J2PC

    You too can sign up for that one week to 3-day online extension course, provide you have the funds. However, it is not the same thing as getting an Associate's or even a Bachelor's Degree because it is a certificate class.

  • B.Loveitt

    But look at how many did exactly what MB said not to do and didn't accomplish it and have been miserable for life? Far too many beating themselves up. Not only that the American school system suxs they don't properly teach our children.

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    The hate is strong in here!!

    I swear comprehension is fundamental..

  • B.Loveitt

    At least she was truthful...

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    Is she bad built or is it the outfit...but I wish she would go some where. Every 20-25 days it is something new with this chick. It makes you wonder is she truly happy with her life or her man. What happen to the cooking project...the why black do not accept me or the no other man is giving me attention project.

  • J2PC

    In this way, it creates room for liberal wolves and losers to have the space to get in there and manipulate folks kids. Look at how messed up our society is today from liberals leaving many people lost or misguided with empty souls who end up turning to drugs & alcohol abuse to feel numb.

    Others have been manipulated into having a "try anything' mentality where such at-risk behaviors have mostly led to all types of incurable STDs/HIV strains and HPV related cancers followed by unwanted pregnancies, child abused & aborted babies.

    Good parenting involves families properly raising (teaching & guiding & nurturing) their own kids because they are our family jewels and assets (legacy). Strangers or other folks are not suppose to have power over our family/children.

  • J2PC

    Well, Kim is spending 3-4 years taking law courses while being trained under a law firm.

    They think that by signing up for a 3-day to a week course with Harvard online that it will fool the public as if they are a smartypants who got into an IVY League. We know it's just a certificate program that practically anyone can sign up for if they have the $$$.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    So now everybody is buying their degree from Harvard?
    I betta get one too! Wonder when they go on sale? 35% off.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    Wonder what certificate I can get for about $650?

  • J2PC

    Yes, anyone can sign up. Seminar courses leading to a little Certificate usually are out of pocket personal expenses. Financial aid usually covers that leading to a Technical Certificate (nail technician, medical assistant, welder etc.) or College Degree Program.

    Harvard's Certificate Programs might be a waste of your Mother's time and money unless she is a business owner and looking to boost her image or already have a college degree.

    "Look up" Harvard Online and On-Campus Courses. Look at their certificate choices followed by their more than 900 open-enrollment self-paced courses, offered at times that work with your busy schedule. "No application is required." -looks like a way to bring in extra income revenue for the school.

    Don't be a fool like a lot of Black folks who fall for those worthless those for-profit schools leaving them stuck with college debt & oftentimes a worthless degree (when they could have just choose an online traditional non-profit college that is accredited).

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    She is built bad ...Dude looks like lady ...

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    I'm signing up for "Millionaires made Easy".

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    You are very late

  • ClaireHuxtable

    Now I can get my Certificate in Aerospace Engineering from Stanford!

  • ClaireHuxtable

    U is a Dummy taught by Professor Fred G. Sanford.

  • Rhyme and Reason

    Ayesha is doing great, so happy for help! Black girls do rock!

  • YouWontSayItButIWill

    Ayesha looks like...."Who did this and why." Omg....that picture of her is horrific. Steph Curry probably cheats on the low. I would...

  • Hazel

    I'm all for my alma mater fleecing these dumb @ss celebrities who are desperate for validation. But please people, don't waste your money on these Harvard certificates unless you can afford to throw it away. You'd learn just as much reading the wall street journal or watching cnbc.

  • ??Dotty??

    So does Harvard have a "wifey special"? Like really. All this money that these women have. The accessibility to hire tutors and actually PULL a fullblown bachelors/masters and they only have time for for a 3 day course and 143 photos for IG

  • Jethro

    Ayesha said she takes inspiration from former first lady and unlicensed therapist Michelle Obama.

    Says the unlicensed medical columnist.

  • Jethro

    Spread the negativity.

  • BaileyBlue17

    Her body is not in proportion and where is her neck??

  • SandraRose

    I happen to be a current RN license holder.

  • Chapter29Chick

    Check em Auntie they be trippin, the education of an RN is extensive "they better put some respect on ur name"

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    They must be new here.

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    She is so-o-o-o thirsty and he is not far behind her. Pathetic

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  • Jethro

    tRump is a birther, consider me a nurser.

  • Freedom to the People

    Harvard is like: How do we get paid from celebrities who would have no chance of getting accepted. Oh let's offer a dumb downed course and let them tale pics with shirts with Harvard on them

  • Shira Harding-James

    I like it good for her
    She actually has a business so this makes sense

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    Ayesha looks like that girl on Willi Wonka who chewed the gum and turned blue.

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    Good for Ayesha, maybe she'll meet some cute guys to carry her books ?

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    she got man legs

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    Okay we know what she got a certificate...It's a certificate from Harvard not...ITT Technical Institute....So now she's Certified! I still say good for her

  • LP

    Her face is annoying...

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  • J2PC

    She is not certified to do anything for somebody else. It is a certificate of course completion for self-actualization. That's all. There are Certificates that certified where one becomes a sonogram technician, dental/medical assistant, secretary, welder, etc.

    However, completing a small money-making program over a week is just a seminar certificate of course completion. But, let the spin begin in however somebody want to tell or brag about it.

  • Guess Who

    IDK why every time I see this bitcoin faced heffa, I CTFU.

  • Myopinion

    I still say congrats. If its to make herself feel good, I still say congrats to her. I didn't need a break down I have a Masters. I don't care how many days she was in class and what she went for as long as she was achieving a goal she set out to achieve. Why are you so pressed to discount her achievements? Do you dislike her that much, does her spirit irk your demons.


    Anybody can take a business course why does it need a press release and they have money so they can buy their way into school????? What’s the big deal