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An Instagram star was brutally murdered by a 4chan member who nearly decapitated her then posted gruesome photos of her body online.

17-year-old Bianca Devins from Utica, NY was brutally murdered on Sunday, July 14, by Brandon Clark, 21. He then posted grisly photos of her body to Instagram, 4Chan and the gaming website, Discord.

Clark spent time photographing and recording the body. In one image her body is covered with a green tarp.

He captioned the photos, "Sorry f----rs, you're gonna have to find some else to orbit," which is a term for men who lurk on a girl's social media page hoping for a hookup.

In another photo of her bloody left arm, he wrote, "I'm sorry Bianca.” The bloody knife is seen on the passenger seat next to Devins' body.

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Instagram followers recognized the teenager from the photos and geolocated Clark using the metadata in the photos. Police received calls around 7:20 a.m., including a call from Clark himself. Police quickly responded to the scene and found Devins' lifeless body in Clark's Ford Explorer.

Clark had slashed his own throat in an attempted suicide and was bleeding profusely. He recorded his suicide attempt on his Instagram story. Clark underwent emergency surgery on Sunday, and he is listed in critical condition. He is expected to survive. The gruesome video and photos have since been deleted from Instagram.

According to The Blast, Devins and Clark met online and apparently began a relationship. He reportedly snapped after he learned she was having intimate relations with other "orbiters" - and killed her in a fit of rage.

Other orbiters on Instagram say Devins often sent nudes to boys and men, then demanded money or she would report them to the feds.