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A video that’s going viral on has sparked a constitutionality debate. The video, which first appeared on Majic 107.5 DJ Ryan Cameron’s Instagram page, shows a homeowner turning away a handyman who drove a long way to provide his services.

When the handyman exited his truck, a man and wife waked out of the home and declined his services immediately.

The wife did most of the talking.

“Hi. You know what, I do apologize. I know you’ve come from a very long way, but were gonna use someone else,” the woman said. “You continue to believe what you need to believe, sir, but no, I cannot pay you for your services,” she added.

So what was the problem? The homeowner didn’t appreciate the manner in which the businessman expressed his Southern pride.

But the bigger debate was the breakdown of traditional roles between men and women in the South.

Ryan’s followers questioned why the homeowner’s husband let his wife do all the talking. Clearly they don’t know that Black women wear the pants in Southern households.

Question for the men: What would you have done if you were the husband?

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