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According to inside sources, Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels reportedly insured his genitals with Lloyd's of London, and he walks around with an armed bodyguard to protect his investment.

The wannabe rapper was recently spotted attending an outdoor BBQ with an armed bodyguard. In cell phone video, he is seen walking with a heavily armed uniformed bodyguard.

Lloyd's of London is not an insurance company, it is an insurance market that provides specialized insurance services to over 200 countries and corporations.

The company, known simply as Lloyd's, has a worldwide reputation for insuring everything and anything of value.

The 38-year-old NY native is best known for displaying his average-looking genitals in a viral video that is still being talked about today.

Safaree recently partnered with a company in a seven figure deal to produce a 12-inch dildo molded after his junk.

According to my source, in order to protect their investment, Safaree was required to take out $1 million insurance to cover potential damage to his nether region.

"We think this collaboration is going to be a lot of fun, and we're excited to be partnering with Safaree to release his 'piece' to the masses," Doc Johnson Enterprises COO Chad Braverman said in a statement to Page Six.

According to Page Six, pre-orders for the dildo were taken back in December 2018. But as of June 2019, male and female customers were still waiting patiently for their orders to ship.

Doc Johnson Enterprises updated its Instagram page on July 15 to announce the sex toy is finally available for sale.

"It's finally here! We're debuting the @docjohnsonusa @safaree Anaconda to our retailers and distributors at our ANME trade show!"

Question: Did you order a Safaree Anaconda for yourself or a friend? Was it worth the wait?