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A young mom sparked outrage on social media after saying her biggest fear was having an ugly baby. Then she held her infant son up to the camera and said the baby was “funny looking.”

“My biggest fear was having an ugly baby,” the woman said. “Look at him, he is so funny looking. He got all this hair though.”

The disturbing video was first uploaded to, and later reposted by, along with the caption: “Messed Up: Woman Calls Her Baby Ugly & Funny Looking On Facebook Live!”

Many WSHH users attacked her for being insensitive and ignorant to an innocent baby. “He’s actually cute… She’s very immature. Sorry for the kid,” wrote one user.

“Cps should come get that baby,” wrote another user. Others said they called CPS to report the woman.

It isn’t clear if CPS has been in contact with the mother. Watch the disturbing video below.