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Rev. Al Sharpton (D) and former Maryland lieutenant governor Michael Steele (R) addressed comments made by President Donald Trump who attacked Baltimore Congressman Elijah Cummings as a “bully” and the city of Baltimore as crime and rat-infested.

Sharpton joined Steele and a group of Black community leaders at an economic empowerment forum in Baltimore on Monday to discuss housing policies.

The purpose of the forum was sidetracked by Trump’s tweets about Cummings and the city of Baltimore.

“Little did I know that Mr. Trump was going to, on the eve of this, attack the congressman from this city. Not only the congressman but the people of this city in the most bigoted and racist way,” said Sharpton.

“I know Donald Trump. He’s not mature enough to take criticism. He can’t help it. He’s like a child. Somebody say something, he reacts. He’s thin-skinned and not really matured that well. But he has a particular venom for Blacks and people of color.”

As Sharpton spoke to reporters, he was shouted down by a Trump supporter.

Cummings previously lashed out at the Trump administration for its immigration policies at the border. Trump hit back calling Cummings a “brutal bully.”

Watch the press conference below.