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A video that shows 2 leashed pitbulls fighting in a Pennsylvania Petco store has gone viral on social media.

The 2 dogs were on leashes when they lunged at each other and began fighting in an aisle in a Petco store. A customer recorded the bloody mess on video as the dog owners and Petco workers tried to separate the growling beasts.

One of the dogs was seriously injured and bleeding out all over the floor. The dogs were eventually separated, and the owner of the injured dog was advised to rush the wounded animal to the vet immediately.

A spokeswoman for Petco’s corporate office in San Diego confirmed the incident occurred at a Petco store at 1960 Edinboro Road in the Erie area.

Company policy allows pet owners to bring all dog breeds – including aggressive dog breeds – into the store as long as they are on leashes.

“We’re relieved to report that the two dogs involved in an incident at our Erie store are recovering well at home with their pet parents,” Petco officials said in an email to the Erie Times-News. “In support of our policy to welcome all leashed pets in our stores, our store partners are trained on proper techniques and protocol for handling instances like these and we’re extremely proud of the swift, careful and appropriate action taken by our store team to safely separate the dogs and (defuse) the situation.”

CAUTION: This video contains violent content that may be disturbing to some viewers.