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BASE Hologram

Whitney Houston's hologram is going out on a 27-date world tour. The tour dates have been announced.

Whitney's hologram, a three-dimensional illumination of her image, is set to perform in a money grab concert tour called "An Evening With Whitney".

Of course the person behind the tour is Pat Houston, Whitney's sister-in-law, who claims the show will be an interactive experience that will allow ticket holders to see Whitney live for the first time since her untimely death in 2012 at age 48.

Houston released a statement responding to the criticism:

"Whitney is not with us, but her music will live with us forever. We know we made the right decision partnering with BASE because they understand how important it is to produce a phenomenal hologram. They also know that engaging her fans with an authentic Whitney experience would resonate worldwide because of the iconic status that she created over three decades. Her fans deserve nothing less because she gave nothing less than her best."

Other hologram tours featuring famous dead people have failed to live up to the hype. Mainly because a hologram cannot be made to look real regardless of how the light is angled. You can literally see through the image, which can be unsettling to some people.

The company producing the tour - BASE Hologram - released a schedule that kicks off in Mexico before touring Europe, where people are less skeptical of gimmicks.

No North American tour has been announced.

Question: Do you plan to purchase a ticket to Whitney's hologram tour?

January 23 – February 9, 2019 – Mexico (TBA)
February 27, 2020 – Liverpool, England @ M&S Bank Arena 2 Arena
February 28, 2020 – Manchester, England @ Apollo
February 29, 2020 – Leeds, England @ First Direct Arena
March 1, 2020 – Glasgow, Scotland @ SEC Armadillo
March 2, 2020 – Aberdeen, Scotland @ P&J Arena
March 3, 2020 – Dublin, Ireland @ Bord Gais Theatre
March 4, 2020 – Birmingham, England @ Arena
March 5, 2020 – Bournemouth, England @ Bournemouth International Centre
March 6, 2020 – Cardiff, Wales @ Motorpoint Arena
March 7, 2020 – Brighton, England @ Centre
March 9, 2020 – Nottingham, England @ Royal Concert Hall
March 10, 2020 – London, England @ Hammersmith Apollo
March 12, 2020 – Brussels, Belgium @ Bozar
March 13, 2020 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ AFAS Live
March 14, 2020 – Ghent, Belgium @ Capitole
March 19, 2020 – Zurich, Switzerland @ Samsung Hall
March 20, 2020 – Berlin, Germany @ Admirals Palast
March 22, 2020 – Vienna, Austria @ Stadhalle F
March 23, 2020 – Bratislava, Slovakia @ Inchebo Expo Arena
March 25, 2020 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Forum Black Box
March 26, 2020 – Olso, Norway @ Folketeatret
March 28, 2020 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Cirkus
March 30, 2020 – St. Petersburg, Russia @ BKZ Oktyabrisky
March 31, 2020 – Moscow, Russia @ Kremlin Concert Hall
April 2, 2020 – Kiev, Ukraine @ Palace Ukraine
April 3, 2020 – Minsk, Belarus @ Palace of the Republic

  • Virgoqween

    If y’all don’t get tf out my face with this bullish!t

  • LoveChild

    Damn!!!! RIP the Voice.

  • Starburst



    Smh so damn disrespectful. I truly hope no one purchases a ticket to this bull

  • Bushbabe

    The effing dead can't rest. I rebuke these demons.

  • Junkanoo

    Pat Houston thinks she's a savvy business woman but this is in poor taste. Whitney isn't here to spend the profits nor is her daughter but Pat is she married into this family she's not even a blood relative

  • Facts and Receipts

    I mean Buddy Holly who has been dead since the 50s, and Roy Orbinson are on tour right now as holograms.

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker


  • n1kk1a

    Seriously? ?

  • Dowoop

    How interactive can this really be?

  • Ni Ni

    I thought Whitney's estate was owned by Ms. Cissy. I can't believe she would allow this. They should still be making a little money off her albums. Whitney needs to pay sis n law a visit from the afterlife. ?

  • Ghost

    I don’t see any USA dates ??! Pat ought to be shame! What is this for? Whitney and daughter are passed she really this greedy? Smh

  • Intellectual by Nature!

    Cue SpongeBob: Aight I'm out

  • Ni Ni

    Really?? I didn't know holograms were actually being used.

  • iWasteTime
  • iWasteTime

    Wow how greedy after money can the record companies be... can we say poor taste! That’s disgusting they weren’t that excited to see Whitney perform when she was alive.

  • PetiteButterScotch

    The industry I tell you smfh...they’ll take you out then exploit your legacy and use your likeness to line their pockets. Evil and demonic shit frfr.

    Side note: Pray for Chris Brown ? his shows have all the signs that they got his ass ?


    Chris Brown was gone ever since he been on his colorstruck ish... ?it’s too many other options y’all need to find em.

  • Facts and Receipts

    Yep. They will be here on 11/9. I got the email the other day bc of local happenings alerts. I dont want to see no damn holograms singing but hey.

  • Facts and Receipts

    And whether his Mr. Burns looking ass is dead or alive as well. He is already 112 years old.

  • Not Today

    Ummmm is the hologram BC or AC?

  • PetiteButterScotch

    That’s his preference ????? Only women hurt by that are the ones that want to be chose ????? Idc abt his prefernce, but him as an artist and he’s been rebelling against the industry for a long time—hence why the media is always trying to tear him down. I know him personally...he’s truly a gem.

  • tiaj

    Horrible... just horrible:(

  • luVn_liFe…


  • Frank Blunt

    If I happen to run across Rico Suave ans he has tickets for the low low, I'll kick it with my Tee Tee Nippy in Mexico...Cerveza and a hit?

  • luVn_liFe…

    that's crazy, people are going to venues in person to see holograms perform?

  • Frank Blunt

    Haunting while high...Pat will be Free Sanfording the whole experience??


    this is pure demonic.

  • sunni_daze

    And not a US date, because they know better.

  • stav

    She is beautiful!

  • Renee26

    Rolls eyes

  • Renee26


  • yea,and

    ..cox browser alert..only here..only mobile..strange

  • Renee26

    What about Chris now?? We passed on his concert that's coming to my city cause we wear wigs ?

  • Pebbles Girard

    How can one have an "authentic experience" with someone who is dead?

  • Renee26

    Chile the way he disrespected his fans that day did get some to cancel his azz

  • Renee Bee
  • Renee26

    Preference is not an issue. It's the insults thrown out to his fans who don't fit that bill.

  • Facts and Receipts

    Yep. And Duke Energy Center not a super small venue. I think it holds 2500 folks. So not a little night club venue by far lol

  • Renee26

    Isn't she??!!

  • Intellectual by Nature!

    Thank you. I admire a resourceful queen ? !!!!

  • Indies beauty

    Who is benefiting from this mess?

  • MsSapphire9800

    Although it is about money...I believe the fans are going just to hear her music...yes they could listen to it at home. But the experience of just being there is more exciting. The music industry will mke money off of their artisits whether they are dead or alive.

  • The Said Whet?

    Chile?? ohhhh I wanna dance with somebody

  • Joy King

    I’m very disappointed with how Whitney’s estate is being handled. A woman, in my opinion with the most beautiful voice ever and absolutely gorgeous should have licensing deals comparable to Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe etc. These cheesy, get quick money grabs is diminishing her legacy. Shameful.

  • BlackNicheRims

    What happened? I gleefully await your response.

  • tintin

    i don't get this holagram crap. it's actually kinda spooky if you ask me. i would never go watch this

  • Dahl

    This just seems so wrong, people need to let her rest...

  • morenadelsur

    Is this not the weirdest chit ever? I mean, really! I hate anybody involved with this. Let the dead rest. Folks involved in this will have bad juju. I know it. Pat is miserable already ?

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    A dead woman's hologram on tour? Tacky, and creepy.

    I have to give a side-eye to anyone who would pay money to see this.

  • SugarFoot a.k.a Ty

    They will put it on Netflix. Who is going to get suited and booted and pay for parking etc to go watch a hologram? Why do I think Pat's thirsty azz is behind this?

  • morenadelsur

    “Who is benefiting from this mess?”

    ...So they can get these hands! Because this is outrageous ?

  • Jefferey Franklin

    Its not her or even an hologram image of her, its someone who looks like her lip syncing to a track that is probably sung by another impostor. This is some bull

  • Indies beauty

    Lol but seriously, it really is. All I see from this is others gaining from her legacy.

  • The Art

    What a sad, undignified money grab. Even in death, Whitney can't catch a break.

  • Music

    This is sad.

  • The Art

    Her legacy deserves better, especially from the people she loved and trusted. Just a damn shame.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Yup. It's too bad her daughter Bobbi Kristina isn't around to administer her mom's estate properly and with dignity. That whole family has just had so much tragedy. smh

  • KcoolMuziq

    MJ is THE ONLY artist holograms worked for. I would NEVER approve of this being done to Prince(r.i.p.) and when Justin Timberlake tried to do this to him. It was SHUT DOWN completely!

    BTW: I can't wait to read Robyn Crawford's book on Whitney it will be a page turner.

  • angelpat2812

    This is too creepy...I just can't! Imma let yall have this one. Because this crap right here is just like someone digging up your love one's grave after you've buried them some years ago. Just sooo tacky, demonic and disrespectful...I'm out!

  • Dontgetdraggedputa??

    Just no

  • WhoKnew

    Pathetic money grab. Is auntie Pat broke already?

    In other pathetic news MLB pitcher Felipe Vazquez was arrested for solicitation of a 13 y/o girl. What a friggin' twisted perv. The relationship went on for 2 years. The girl is now 15 and there's a sex tape. Hope his ass neva gets out of the pen. Sick bastard.

  • morenadelsur

    True. It’s just gross. Doesn’t feel good at all.

  • Kimocha

    Hell to The Nawl!! (As Whitney would say)... Ain't nobody tryna see a fake ass Whitney hologram!... Pat and her greedy ass need to go on somewhere and stop tryna make money off of Whitney and get a dayum JOB!!... I'm so sick her lying coniving greedy ass!!... You can't have an authentic experience wit somebody who is dead dumb BI@TCH!!!

  • Maxx

    For the Love of GOD! I didn't even want to comment on this as this is some disrectful hot ass mess here! I am sure Whitney would have not wanted this spectacle to be made.

  • Carrington

    Why is Pat going around the planet as Pat Houston when her HUSBAND is not a Houston? That irks the hell out of me. Pat's husband, Gary, is Gary Garland. I hate when people adopt the name of famous people in their family.
    After watching that documentary, I thought it was interesting to find out that there actually WERE Houston brothers - Whitney's father had sons before Whitney. Interesting because I'd never heard of anyone else.

  • Li-Wright

    Money grab is right--that estate (and others like Elvis) just won't let them die in peace will they. I don't want to see a dead person brought back to life.

  • Bushbabe

    Real fans will Boycott this mess . RIP Whitney and thank God you are i a better place.

  • Li-Wright

    You should read Cissy's biography about Whitney...very truthful and revealing.

  • Li-Wright

    The Europeans will eat it up!

  • Li-Wright

    Oh no....not again. He's Mexican right? or Cuban? They have sex with young teens girls...the girls have sex and get pregnant really young.

  • Guest©

    No true Whitney fan would go to these concerts. Whitney is gone and so is her only child. Whitney nor Bobbi Christina can benefit from the concerts, so for that and a few other reasons, its a NO for me.

  • Li-Wright

    They presented Maria Callas - opera singer - in Chicago about a month ago, and the critics said it was spectacular.

  • Li-Wright

    Bobbi would not have administered the estate properly....don't believe it. She didn't have half an education....she wasn't able to administrate anything.

  • BlackLivesMatter

    If Beyonce is satanic....then WTF do you call this...this right cheaaaa! is of the devil....BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Li-Wright

    The estate is in Cissy's name now. It passed from Bobbi (deceased) to Cissy. And Cissy is half-dementia'd. Believe me, if Dionne was in charge of the estate it wouldn't happen.

  • Robert lee Bennett OG

    I hope Bobby brown getting his fair share

  • Robert lee Bennett OG

    Her husband still alive Bobby brown

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    True... she wasn't well educated, but I think she cared about her mom's legacy and could have hired the right people to help her. A good attorney and a good agent would probably be the 2 main people she'd need to help her make good decisions on behalf of the estate.

  • Carrington

    I did. That's why I said, "They can quit saying Whitney wasn't a lesbian... her MAMMY all but admitted it."

  • Carrington

    PS: I ain't going nowhere where GHOST are running around talking about, "I'm your baby tonight!" No thanks, cuh. I'm cool.

  • Karen Brady

    I checked with Nippy and she said "HELL TO THE NAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" You see they taking this mess overseas, right?

  • WhoKnew

    She said BobBAY, shut this ish down.

  • Mz_Opinionated

    I'm not here for it. That's it...

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    If she ain't doing a live show from Heaven with a few angels as her backup singers, I'm not interested. Seems creepy.

  • Guest©

    They were divorced before her death.

  • WhoKnew

    Yerp. Again. He is from Venezuela and he is one sick puppy.

  • Mz_Opinionated

    Whitney was gay?

  • Indies beauty

    I am not very familiar with the family but for sure WH is being exploited.

  • Kimberly King

    Ridiculous. They won't let this lady rest. Why isn't her mom in charge of her estate ?

  • Karen Brady

    And you know BobBAY will!!!!!!!!

  • jeniefrumdabloc™
  • Karen Brady

    That's our girl!!!

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    He was making $4 million this year, and had like another $13 milion to come over the next 3 years left on his contract. Homeboy totally messed his money up. What a dummy.

  • Robert lee Bennett OG

    Well he still deserved something he was saving her life untill the white folks forced them apart and she got with a bunch of users

  • Miss K

    I was thinking that. Some weird European shyt.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    You already know !!!!! Chile love Nip!!!!

  • LeeSeeCee
  • SpiceGirl
  • SpiceGirl
    Me seeing a Ghost of a person via Hologram

  • Roderick2011

    But Pat is a blood sucker.

  • currvalicious

    This has all the makings of Pat Houston. Now that's a hexanbeast. Ooh, I can not stand that woman.

  • Karen Brady

    My first thought. This reeks of Pat.

  • Navybeans95

    I ain't going to see a living person in concert so I know the hologram gets a curve ......ridiculous
    ......e cigarettes, vapes, juul are killing people...smh...I don't smoke this crap...but I really believe they are intentionally trying to kill folks now...ridiculous...

  • KarmaBackAround

    Im not into the hologram thing..ill jus look at some old videos...same thing ????

  • Shaylove1975

    They knew not to bring it to the U.S.

  • currvalicious

    Girl, doesn't it?? She sis WH in. The could've helped her more than what she did. Someone was helping her get drugs. No random dealer is just going to walk up & give Whitney drugs.

  • Wreckognize Game


  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Pat has always been a leech to me...she had her big ole foot in the family business a little too much before Whitney died... She comes off as an enabler and money grubbing....people would be up in arms if she did this in the USA thats why they test driving this monstrosity overseas....

  • sunni_daze

    LLS, very weird

  • Undecided

    Moral of the story say no to drugs

  • Victorious82

    Pat ain’t ish to me. She had a damn camera crew in BK’s face right after her mom died. Only wanted a come up off that Houston name. Her husband ain’t even a damn Houston. Pat gonna have her ass out there singing Whitney’s song next. I do not like that woman. She’s a creep.

  • Sushi

    Still working even in death, that contract......

  • MJF

    Wait, whet?? Clearly whoever the executor of the estate is; is focused on accumulating more funds.

  • MsPam

    Pat should be ashamed of herself, I hope it fails.
    Whitney’s bf’s Robin is coming out with a book in November that’s what I’m waiting on.

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Its something about her that screams opportunist....

  • Nik
  • pure_rachet

    I’d just watch her music videos on YouTube. Fck a hologram concert.

  • Parent

    Whitney's death was very personal to a lot of us. Her death really hurt me to the core. Beautiful, talented and just a regular ole girl from Jersey. We loved her because we could relate to her. Miss this woman and I didn't even know her. When Bobby Kris died, I was inconsolable.

  • Sha

    Not interested in seeing anything like this, I loved Whitney and this is not it.


    A black person co-signing a colorist is asinine. Yes and I prefer not to support colorstruck negroes in the entertainment industry. If he is colorstruck pass. Yeah sure he has some good song but so does DJ Khalid, how you rebelling against the industry and you Colorstruck?
    the type people need to rebel against.
    Might as well listen to Justin Beiber and nick Jonas.

  • Logan Roberts

    I'm not paying my good money to see nobody's ghost.

  • Junkanoo

    I wonder who's backing the research is it the tobacco industry so far 7 people have died compared to countless cigarette smokers who have died over the decades . I suspect cigarette sales are down I saw an article that said former vape users are returning to smoking regular cigarettes because of concerns about vaping out of the frying pan and into the fire. I would like to know who's funding the research is it accurate or desgined to manipulate consumers .

  • Sha

    If is was that easy, we wouldn't have an opiod epidemic.


    Might as well just watch a video at home

  • MJF

    LMAOOOOOO listen, the way I hollered at this comment.

  • Beloved Jordan

    Who's sick n twisted enough to go see a whole concert of an deceased artist hologram

  • Tiffany Blake

    Issa no for me! Let Nippy Rest!!! #SIPAngel

  • EasyBreezy

    Who feels like binge-watching every episode of the Being Bobby Brown reality show? Why is it not in re-runs somewhere in TV land? Lord, Whitney with that cigarette hanging on the edge of lip while calling Bobby in her loudest, raspy voice, would always take me out! Rest well, Whitney.

  • Navybeans95

    Good son smokes these robot cigarettes, says he's trying to quit real cigarettes..smh..I tell him to put all that shit down. ..they make all this crap get rich. .. get people hooked on it then hide their hands when people start dying. ..

  • felicia

    Damm, Chase u got me cracking up, I'm with u sis! LMAO ,

  • Let them eat cake

    This is disgusting.


    Hurt by what? The same ones normalizing colorism will be the first ones screaming and yelling at a white person calling them racist.

  • Junkanoo

    You save so much money if you can quit he should lower the nicotine level down to the vape juice. I use to get mine at 0 nicotine just flavor now am back at 3 . I don't vape much cause I find it to be tedious running out of juice or you need a new coil then you have to charge them am over it

  • Navybeans95

    Hang in there ..u can do it...I feel bad for people who can't stop...addiction is hard to shake..I see my son doing the same thing...


    I have been a Whitney Houston fan since she first came onto the music scene. Shame on you Pat let her rest in peace.

  • Junkanoo

    Thanks. I feel like am so close to giving up vaping I only use it at home and never miss it or crave it when am not home. It's a hard habit to break but but worth giving up.

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    I'ma need her to bring out special guests like Luther and Marvin Gaye. I'ma need a remix with Tupac and Biggie. And of course she got Prince playing the guitar while MJ moon walks across the stage. But I'm not going to no creep show with all them demons refusing to let people die.

  • Navybeans95

    Yes it is. .u gotta learn to hate them.. it's toxic for your body . And you only get one so u have to take care of it...

  • scarlet_n_gray

    Indeed. Pat Houston needs to get a job!

  • Junkanoo

    No lie we do need to watch what we put in our bodies and learn to make a habit of taking care of it.

  • TransMichelle

    Uhm....Europeans are VERY skeptical of gimmicks....!

  • Shira Harding-James

    That is creepy as hell....I will stick to watching old videos and interviews on Youtubey

  • Shira Harding-James

    The way I just hollered!

  • WhoKnew

    Yerp, BobBAY ain't no joke. LOL.

  • ClaireHuxtable

    That was the worse show ever. Like watching 2 trains wreck.
    I was so disappointed & sad. It was like BK was raising herself.

  • Michelle Peele

    That damn Pat Houston...I blame her for this!

  • ClaireHuxtable

    Wonder what Cissy thinks about it?
    I think Whit would be furious.

  • Michelle Peele

    I watch it periodically on You Tube. 'The forest is over!'

  • Michelle Peele

    Pat ain't got her house paid for yet? Still lurches tryna drain coins from the estate? Not a good look.

  • Michelle Peele

    Hey Kool...did u ever meet Whitney?

  • PrettyNetty28


  • KcoolMuziq

    No but I seen her at Prince’s concert in 2011.

  • Ms.Devereaux


  • Ms.Devereaux

    They tried it with a Tupac hologram too just sad

  • Ms.Devereaux

    Ummm hmmm

  • Ms.Devereaux

    A lot of those companies are owned by tobacco companies since the campaign was hard and strong on cigarettes they saw their sales down and they came up with another way to make money they lied and said those were better and healthier than cigarettes and folks believed it and ran with it not taking into account that this stuff been in the market a hot minute and it was tested in trails and studies so guess what now that a lot of ppl have been smoking them they truth is coming out THEY ARE NO BETTER THAN CIGARETTES THEY ARE MADE BY THE SAME PPL THEY ARE ONE IN THE SAME!

  • Junkanoo

    True these companies lie and manipulate consumers to much am tired of all the deceit

  • WiseGui

    Don’t believe the propaganda on vapes and e-cigarettes. Only in the USA do we hear reports on deaths linked to vaping. In other countries people have damn near replaced cigarettes with vapes and e-cigs but there have been no reported deaths or complications.

    I am currently in RSA and there is a huge population of smokers a lot of whom have switched over to e-cigs. There has not been one case involving death. I had some friends visiting me from the States who were surprised that everyone was vaping and I asked why. They said that it was banned in the States. The tobacco industry must be losing billions in dollars so they’ve created this false narrative of how “harmful” it’s use is hence all the fake news coverage of deaths. They’ve even got the FDA to sign off on it. Tobacco industry is clearly lobbying to get the competition cancelled.

  • Disgustd

    Who in their right mind would pay for this? When she was still alive & on her last tour, people talked about her like a dog. White folk STAY trying to profit off the very same people they either killed or drove to their deaths. How many damn docs & tours will be attempted for Whitney, MJ, Tupac and I'm sure Prince's will be next. It's disgusting. Why don't they have a damn hologram tour for that fat, dead junkie, Elvis? Where's the doc about his pedophile a$$ since Priscilla was only 13 or 14 when he started messing with her?

  • Disgustd

    And I'm sure Prince is next.

  • EasyBreezy


  • Ms.Devereaux

    Omg ????? Please don’t give them greedy mfers no ideas. I don’t see them doing an Elvis hologram

  • PetiteButterScotch

    Hurt by his preference. I’m not normalizing anything..I just dnt give it that much of my energy anymore. I appreciate him as an artist. Everything else sounds like a personal problem....

  • Dreamer

    How tf you gonna have a hologram tour tho?? The purpose of a concert is to connect with the artist LIVE, as in LIVING!! How you gon connect with a hologram!? Tf is this, the Transformers? It’s just footage of her performing from a past tour where she connected with that audience. Hell if you’re that pressed to see her, just turn on YouTube!! ? Yikes

  • PetiteButterScotch

    Lol! I just see a lot of the Illuminati symbolism at his concerts n his video with Drake gave me “initiation” vibes. Chris Brown was supposed to be sacrificed im hancock park the night of the whole Rihanna incident and attempts have been made ever since because he didn’t want to sell his soul to the music industry. Only tellin ya what I heard now lol

  • PetiteButterScotch

    I can agree with that. It sends out the wrong message. I had to stop rockin with Lil Wayne he was always going out of his way to let it be known he only likes red bones—now look at him...lookin like a walking dead extra

  • Junkanoo

    That's what I concluded the entire thing sounds suspect a collision by the tobacco industry and the FDA . The FDA is shady as hell they always put profits first the very opposite of why they exist .


    Nope I’m not hurt at all. Just don’t really listen to him like that. He has some alright songs but hell so does Trey songz and Jeremiah. I can just give my support to dudes who don’t have an issue with Melanin. I don’t understand why black people focus so much on dude and he does not like them.. what’s the difference between supporting him or Nick Jonas or John Meyer? Why should black women give him cultural consideration when he makes a point to specify his disdain? Might be the nicest colorstruck in the world but won’t get my support????? No more than John Meyer.

  • Brenda Purcell


  • Stan4NoOne
  • Dreamer

    Right ??? CTFU

  • Xin11

    Just stop with this ish. Money hungry as hell is all I got!!!!

  • Rhyme and Reason

    Well, somebody’s interested, plenty of venues. I see nothing wrong with Pat Houston and Whitney’s brother (s) profiting off of her estate! I’m grateful, it’s not some white handlers or someone like Omarosa.

    If you have been apart of an addict’s life and all the drama, for years, all the potential overdoses, covering, unsavory and dangerous people and circumstances, you deserve to profit, [imo]! Her brother who sang and toured with Whitney should, just like other people do, when a loved one departs!

    MJ’s Estate, Elvis, and Nipsey’s will continue to generate wealth for their heirs, one of the benefits of being famous and a public figure!

    Whitney left a will, and obviously never felt a need to remove Pat Houston’s name as executor!

  • Stacey J