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Emma Watson revealed she sat in therapy for hours because she felt guilty about early stardom. Watson, who gained overnight fame playing Hermione Granger in Harry Potter films, was only 9 years old when fame came calling.

“I was nine years old and I was literally picked out of a line-up in my school gym that wasn’t even an acting school and got the first part I ever auditioned for, and it’s so bizarre and otherworldly what happened to me,” said the 29-year-old Aries in a sit-down interview with British Vogue magazine..

The British-transplant wasn’t prepared for early stardom and the fanatical star-struck fandom that comes with it.

“I’ve struggled a lot with the guilt around that. I’m like, I should be enjoying this a lot more, I should be more excited and I’m actually really struggling,” she added. / BACKGRID

Watson trended on on Tuesday after coining the term “self-partnered” to describe happily single women like herself.

She is voluntarily single after dating men including fellow actors Chord Overstreet and a brief fling with Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton.

“I never believed the whole ‘I’m happy single’ spiel,” she told the magazine. “I was like, ‘This is totally spiel.’ It took me a long time, but I’m very happy (being single). I call it being self-partnered.”

She said she feels anxiety and pressure to get married and have a baby by the time she turns 30 on April 15, 2020.

The term “self-partnered” caught fire on and sparked debate between single ladies and married people who say being single is overrated.