Photo by AFP via Getty Images

President Trump reassured fitness buffs that gyms will reopen soon. "Gyms can open as long as they maintain social distancing guidelines, but bars should remain shuttered," Trump said during his daily coronavirus press briefing on Thursday.

Trump issued new guidelines on Thursday to all 50 governors to help states reopen by May 1.

He told governors via telephone that reopening individual states was their decision on when and how it will happen. But he urged the governors to reopen their states soon to get the economy jumpstarted.

"You are going to call your own shots," Trump said. "You are all capable people, I think in all cases, very capable people. And you're going to be calling your shots."

Trump cited business leaders who warn the economy will collapse if the country is not reopened soon.

"We're starting our life again," Trump said.

The new guidelines aren't mandatory, but Trump warned governors to take the guidelines seriously.

Some governors - particularly Democrats - are resistant to reopening their states. They plan to keep their residents on some form of forced home detainment - at least until the November elections.