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Jasmine Sanders has had her pick of singers, rappers and ball players over the years. But she claims rapper Jeezy wasn't one of them.

The blonde beauty accused a man of sliding into her DMs on social media. Her followers assumed the man was Jeezy, who was previously linked to the Sports Illustrated model.

But Jasmine claims Jeezy is not that guy -- even though she mentioned the man being engaged.

Jeezy is engaged to television personality Jeannie Mai.

"Jeezy and I never dated," Jasmine wrote on Twitter. "He did not slide in my DMs. Stop reaching. You have the wrong guy."

That's so sweet of her. She must really like Jeezy to lie for him.

We know that Jasmine was Jeezy's date at his birthday party back in 2011. Check out the pictures from the party. Maybe Jasmine has a different definition for "date" than we do?

Question: Would you lie for your ex to save his engagement to another woman?