By Sandra Rose  | 

Photo may have been deleted

The woman who was widely criticized for calling 911 on a Black man in Central Park will be allowed to keep the rescue dog she apparently mishandled during the incident.

Rescue group Abandoned Angels apparently decided Amy had had enough punishment after she lost her lucrative job as an investment banker as a result of the backlash.

Amy adopted a rescue dog named Henry from the group shortly before the incident. Abandoned Angels took Henry back after viewing a viral video that showed her apparently choking the dog while on the phone with 911.

In an update shared to Facebook on Wednesday afternoon, the group said their vets had determined the pooch was in good health and therefore law enforcement refused to seize the dog from Cooper.

"Consistent with input received from law enforcement, we have now complied with the owner’s request for return of the dog,’ the group’s post read.

A friend posted a photo of a smiling Amy holding the dog.

Christian Cooper filmed Amy's meltdown after he politely asked her to leash Henry during a bird watching session in The Ramble.

Rather than comply with Christian's wishes, Amy made a fuss and called 911 to claim "There's an African American man threatening my life."

Social media users dubbed Amy "Karen" - a pejorative term for a snitch who targets Black people for petty retribution.