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Bubba Wallace is praising NASCAR’s decision to ban the Confederate flag from its events and tracks after he complained about the flag’s symbolism.

“I’m very gracious to have an elite group of drivers who are willing to stand up for what’s right,” said Wallace of his fellow drivers who supported NASCAR’s ban of the controversial flag.

The 26-year-old told ABC’s Good Morning America on Thursday morning that now is “the most crucial time” to “come together and really try to be more inclusive.”

Wallace, who is the only Black, full-time NASCAR driver, said the flag caused “no good.”

But one driver didn’t support NASCAR’s decision.

Ray Ciccarelli, a part-time NASCAR truck driver, said he is quitting NASCAR. Ciccarelli wrote on Facebook, “if this is the direction Nascar is headed we will not participate after 2020 season is over.”

He continued:

“i don’t believe in kneeling during Anthem nor taken ppl right to fly what ever flag they love. I could care less about the Confederate Flag but there are ppl that do and it doesn’t make them a racist all you are doing is f—ing one group to cater to another and i ain’t spend the money we are to participate in any political BS!!”