By Sandra Rose  | 

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President Donald Trump called out "despicable" looters who shot and killed David Dorn, a retired police captain from St. Louis, who died defending a friend's pawn shop during riots Tuesday morning.

"Our highest respect to the family of David Dorn, a Great Police Captain from St. Louis, who was viciously shot and killed by despicable looters last night." President Trump tweeted Tuesday night.

Dorn, 77, was shot by looters who broke into Lee's Pawn and Jewelry on the 4100 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Drive around 2:38 a.m.

The killers took advantage of the lawless atmosphere created by ongoing protests over the murder of a Black man at the hands of a former Minneapolis police officer on May 25.

Dorn died from one gunshot wound to his torso. He was pronounced dead at the scene with his cellphone in his hand. The pawn shop had been looted as thieves carted away everything from TVs to jewelry.

Photo may have been deleted

Angry Twitter users expressed their outrage over Dorn's murder, with many saying "Black lives don't matter to Black people."