Tamar Braxton‘s family is wondering why her boyfriend’ brought up her beef with WeTV during his 911 call to report her apparent suicide attempt.

The family is alarmed by his negative influence over Tamar’s emotions.

Sources connected to the Braxton family tell TMZ, Tamar’s boyfriend, David Adefeso, was upset about WeTV’s pilot episode and promo trailer that was sent to the blogs late last week for her new reality show, “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!”

TMZ claims David got angry about the show’s content, and how he was portrayed in it — and his reaction, in turn, made Tamar upset enough to try and take her own life.


TMZ broke the story: when David called 911, he took time to explain Tamar had issues with WeTV that came to a head in the hours leading up to him finding her overdosed on prescription pills in their Ritz Carlton Residences apartment.


TMZ’s sources say Tamar’s relatives, including her mom, Evelyn (pictured right), find it strange David discussed details of her alleged network beef while she was desperately in need of medical attention. The family believes it is further proof David was the one who really had issues with the show’s editorial choices.

Tamar’s family noticed a change in her mentally since she started seeing David, according to TMZ’s sources, who say Tamar’s mood swings tend to align with how David’s feeling. They also say he’s “very involved” in her business decisions.

As for David’s portrayal in the pilot, someone who’s seen the episode says David comes off as demanding and controlling.

In the episode, Tamar decides to go on a spiritual healing journey, which includes no sex for 45 days, something that really upsets David.

During one scene, Tamar and David are arguing behind a locked door and Tamar yells, “David, stop!” before producers barge into the room.

“Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!” premieres Thursday, July 30 at 10pm only on WE tv.

Watch the promo trailer below.